(Jack) #186

I guess I’ll leave it then haha, I’ll get another flavor. Thanks for letting me know

(lewis oconnor) #187

Im super desperate to try it! but as a full meal replacement.
has anyone tried this? and if so how did it work out cost wise

(Andy) #188

I’ve just jumped on board with this, working shifts I can’t eat regularly (if at all) or healthily. So this seemed like a good option.

I’ve noticed a few people have used it to reduce weight. I want to gain weight, has anyone had joy with that using Huel as a main meal replacement?

(Colin Robinson) #189

This is what I ordered:

So that’s 2 x 1.75kg pouches and the recommendation is 3 scoops (approx. 115g) so that’s a lot of meals!

(lewis oconnor) #190

how long did this last? and how often were you taking it?

(Colin Robinson) #191

I haven’t finished it yet, and I’m replacing two meals a day.

(Jorge) #192

So 3.5 kilos at 115g a meal it’s 30 meals. At £45 for that order we’re talking around £1.50 a meal + whatever you add on top (bananas / milk / yoghurt)

(Colin Robinson) #193

That’s what I thought too, good to have someone double check my figures :+1:

Oh and I’m pretty sure you can get a discount code for your first order to make it cheaper.

Here’s mine

(For every friend who buys Huel (over £40) via your unique referral link, we’ll give you both £10 off! )