Huel, Saturo, yfood etc

I have seen it yesterday when my Caramel Popcorn order was cancelled. They replaced it with fruitys. It’s good if these are here to stay, especially as I’m actually not a huge fan of most other flavours.

Banana is good, and to an extent Salted Caramel is OK, so I’m hoping these’ll be good.

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I really like them.

They’re quite different to other things on the market though. The flavour profile is closer to that of a yogurt (including the sourness). I really like them though.

You say sour + yoghurt and I’m bought. My biggest problem with yfood remains the sweetness. Especially the peanut / hazelnut ones leave me feeling a little sickly even.

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How much salt does yfood have in it? If you added a little would that help counteract the sweetness? Or maybe a bit of acid, some lemon juice, say?

Had one of the Huel bars today as a snack because they were on offer in sainsburys. Thought it was ok but nothing brilliant. Prefer the Grenade bars.

Just tried a yfood drink for the first time, The Classic Choco one. Think I preferred it over Huel.

£3.50 is a bit steep though.

That’s just for one bottle in Tesco though. And is priced similarly to Huel’s (also £3.50) whilst containing 25% more of your daily nutrition.

If you go direct to Yfood, where it’s sold in packs of 6 and subscribe, it’s a fair bit cheaper at £2.97 per bottle vs £3.17 per bottle on Huel’s subscription with less nutrition per bottle.

Yfood contains 25% of recommended daily nutrition requirements. Huel is just 20%. That difference is worth factoring into the price.

Both get even cheaper with the powder options.

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If you think of it this way a Tesco meal deal is like £3.50 and it’s meant to be a meal replacement so kinda makes sense.


That’s not always a plus though. For instance if you’re trying to cut caloric intake.

They’re not really meant for that and the proportion differences are probably a bit moot even if you were to use them as a means to control calories. A 500kcal meal does round better (perfectly in fact) into the 1500 daily minimum you should never dip below than a 400 KCAL meal does though.

If you do need less, they do offer smaller bottles offering 1/6th of your daily nutrition. Works out more expensive than the 500 bottles but still cheaper than Huel. 77p per 100 kcal vs 80p with Huel.

Was the protein count that interested me. Trying to do 200g a day so the bottle did a good dent towards that.

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