Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Simon B) #166

I too prefer the new Vanilla flavouring to the old one… I believe the older version is still available though?

(Liam) #167

Yup, and it’s still the only option outside of the EU by the looks of it.

(Colin Robinson) #168

Yes, I’ve just tried both and don’t find either of them too bad. Maybe if I’d been a long term user and they suddenly changed the recipe I might have a stronger feeling.

(Alejandro Mery) #169

yes, fortunately both are (still?) available

(Alejandro Mery) #170

In my case I tried the new after a year “eating” only original vanilla or original vanilla mixed with unsweetened… so the change was quite a shocker for me, I did enjoy coffee though.

but now that you mention it I notice a general distate for strong flavours after this food-less period.

(Carl Barrett) #171

I tried my first one yesterday. Firstly I just shook it but there were too many powdery lumps. So I found a dusty old blender in the cupboard and gave that a whirl, both literally and figuratively. Much better. I purchased the original vanilla one and on this occasion I added the banana flavouring. I didn’t like it. Today, however, I’ve tried the chocolate one and I do like it. Luckily I bought the bigger chocolate pack as well as the sample pack so all is good. I’ll see how I feel about huel after a week of trying some of the others (but definitely not one that has coconut in it :face_vomiting:).

(Colin Robinson) #172

Fresh or frozen fruit and/or bananas seem to taste better to me than their flavour boosts :yum:

(Carl Barrett) #173

Lobbed a banana in the last one. Infinity times better than the banana flavour boost.:ok_hand:


For anyone reading who hasn’t tried, my vote is for the old vanilla over the new.

(Charlie Kelly) #175

Literally ordered the day before they announced. Kicking myself slightly!

(Lance Rumbolt) #176

Yep I’ve been a Huel user for a while now. I tried it as a lazy boy way of loosing weight and it has definitely worked. I have it for breakfast and luch 5 days a week and eat normally with controls the rest of the time.

It made me want to blow chunks the first time I tried it it tasted awful and was terrible at room temp. So I experimented with flavour boosts and loved the toffee and caramel flavours.

You have to have it fridge cold and with falvour boosts, now I actually enjoy it.

(Jack) #177

Has anyone tried the new berry flavor? I’m looking at picking some up v soon.


I’m trying it now…not my cup of tea.

(brandon skerritt) #179

Been using Huel for the past 5 days. I skip breakfast so I’ve only replaced lunch with Huel.

So far, not much difference? No bad symptoms or anything, but nothing good either. :man_shrugging:


Not a fan of it, tasted ok, but too grainy.


I’ve got a spare bag of the Berry mix if anyone wants a go? I’ll just ask you to pay for postage.

(Simon B) #182

I’ll take it off your hands if you don’t mind? :grinning:


Yep no bother. Are you able to wait until Saturday for me to post it?

(Simon B) #184

Sure, there’s no rush.

(Jason Smith) #185

What are people’s thoughts on the berry flavoured Huel? Thinking about adding a bag to my subscription next month!

Referral link if anyone needs one: