Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Kolok) #124

Or mine :heart_eyes:

(Andy) #125

I’ve been tempted to try it for a while now just can’t work out if i will enjoy it or not. My training day calories are 3000 and rest day of 1900 so this would really help my training days but might make achieving macro split hard. Decisions :thinking:

(Charlie Kelly) #126

Ordered the sample about a year ago and couldn’t really get into it. Just ordered bags of vanilla and coffee - looking forward to seeing if they’ve sorted the original issues. Referral link here if you want £10 off:

(Alejandro Mery) #127

As they say, it’s an acquired taste. I’ve been a year exclusively on Huel and I don’t miss food anymore.


Wow that’s dedication!

I’m vegan so will suit me to replace few meals with it, but I live to cook, I enjoy making meals so much, think I would miss it way too much to go fully hueled!!

(Alejandro Mery) #129

That’s a critical point indeed, I replaced microwave food and a pathetic breakfast.

But you can cook yourself a nice light dinner at the end day for the joy, and feed yourself with huel the rest of the day :wink:


That’s my plan, only eat 2 meals a day anyway, so replacing lunch, them making an exciting evening meal every day is my thinking!

(Alejandro Mery) #131

This is what changed most fundamentally for me, I prepare 4 boxes of powder the night before and then just sip huel all day long, any time I’m thirsty or getting hungry. #nolabels

(Campbell Prosser) #132

I used Huel for about 2 weeks, replacing breakfast and lunch. I struggled with the whole not chewing thing. But I do want to try again - any suggestions to make things easier?

(Harry) #134

Did you see any results?

(Alejandro Mery) #135

I can’t help you there as I’ve never had the desire to chew, maybe because I press them while I sleep. Some people uses Huel as baking powder, or to make their own cereal bars or biscuits, but I just sip it all day long.

Just a month after starting I could feel I was eating better that with ready-meals as my body was lighter and my mind more… awake.

As you know exactly what each gram gives you, it’s quite easy to control what you eat to match your personal nutritional needs (gain, keep or, lose)

(Campbell Prosser) #136

I think I’m just going to try again and ignore my desire to chew :crossed_fingers: Thanks though!

(Peter Roberts) #137

What’s wrong with chewing it? I find myself doing it a bit :joy:

(Campbell Prosser) #138

Haha! Yeah I guess some chewing is required (especially when you get near the bottom). It’s just not the same :confused:

(brandon skerritt) #139

Hey! I just signed up with @charliekelly’s link, here’s my referral link if you want £10 off :grin::grin:

(Charlie Kelly) #140

I see a bit of a loop forming here… :joy:

What did you order?

(Alejandro Mery) #141

To avoid blobs you put the powder on a small container after measuring the amount (100g in my case) you want and shake it before dumping it over 400ml of water, then shake strongly again and finally add 200ml of water again. The result is perfectly smooth down to the bottom.

(Simon B) #142

If you don’t use a blender and ice with Huel you’re doing it wrong.

Trust me.

I’ve been a Huel customer since early 2016. I only started preparing it with ice and a blender about 6 months ago and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner.


Switching to a blender and throwing in some frozen fruit really woke it up for me.

(brandon skerritt) #144

Just the normal vanilla version 2 and all the flavor packs :grin::grin: