Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc


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Can the bars be used for a full meal replacement?

(Peter Roberts) #106

They’re only 250 calories each. I have one a day at work as a small lunch

(Jason Smith) #107

So after reading everything I’ve decided to give it a try!

My referral link if anyone needs the discount (Name Jason Smith):


I’m definitely preferring the original vanilla to the new and improved vanilla, hope they continue to offer both so next time I can go back to the original :crossed_fingers:


Yup. I mostly use it in the morning for a quick breakfast. Don’t think I could go all in.

(joekw) #110

Has anyone tried this? Does it have the same weird texture/after taste as the original?

(Charlie Kelly) #111

Keen to try it. Apparently they don’t do the samples anymore so currently trying to convince myself to spend £40 on something I might not like…

(Peter Roberts) #112

I have all the flavours of bar now. My favourite is the orange cocoa one. All three are ok to me


Really enjoying Huel after nearly a month - I love the bars and will orders some more when paid

Did I read somewhere on here that they might be releasing a Huel drink/ pre-made shake?

(Simon B) #114

Yep, it was mentioned in an interview the founders did recently. That’ll be interesting! Distribution is key - if they can get it into stores that would be amazing, as Soylent have done in the US (I bought Soylent at both 7/11 and Wal-Mart)

(Alejandro Mery) #115

the new vanilla flavour is horrible

(Dawid) #116

What is the bottle made of?

(Simon B) #117

Saturo? They do 500ml in a plastic bottle and 330ml in a TetraPak.

(Alejandro Mery) #118

and huel’ standard 700ml shaker is PP 05 plastic.

(joekw) #119

Bought a batch of Strawberry, and Chocolate Saturo. Gotta say i much prefer it to Huel in basically every way.
Ready to go out of the fridge, which is good for my laziness and the (after)taste is much better. Also no bits.

(Ben) #120

Soylent Green is people?!

I did a trial of Huel a fair time ago. My one concern with it is the massive RDA’s of some of those fat soluble vitamins & minerals within it.

I do like the concept though, but I just couldn’t make it ‘fit’ in my day - any top tips for incorporating it / making it stick?


Do any of you non-animal eaters follow Denise Minger’s blog at all? She has a page devoted to maximising the benefits (or if you’re a carnivore like me, minimising the downsides) of a vegan diet.


I’m signing up to Huel, but who’s code should I use. The pressure

#123 if you can’t find another one! :slight_smile: