Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc


Well, decided to give it a go, used someones referral link here, so here’s mine :slight_smile:

(Will) #85

Continuing the chain of Huel referrals, I used @chistery’s link, here’s mine if anyone fancies it.

(Simon B) #86

Saturo have new flavours out. I bought a box of vanilla and they taste a bit like custard. Not convinced…prefer the original.

Interestingly, Huel have decided to pursue this market now and ship an RTD (ready to drink) version.

(Michael) #87

Is the huel RTD stuff flavoured?

I tried early huel unflavoured and after a month couldn’t bring myself to drink it anymore.

(Simon B) #88

They haven’t released their RTD product yet, but it was mentioned as an upcoming product in this article in Wired in March, as well as a chocolate-orange version of the Huel Bar.

As far as the Huel powder, I’ve only ever had the vanilla flavor, not tried the unflavoured version myself.

(Hugh Wells) #89

Yummy! How much are they?

(Simon B) #90

(Simon B) #91

Just released today by the look of it!

(Peter Roberts) #92

Oooo, I need to order some more as well. Might as well try these. Thanks for sharing Simon!


This could be my deciding factor :thinking:

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #94

I’ve got a shitload of referral credit but I can’t use it all on one order. Well bum.

(Graham Williamson) #95

Has anyone tried the Coffee Huel? I like my coffee but I’m not sure I want a full bag or 2 of Huel to do me every working day…

(Peter Roberts) #96

I’ll get some in my next batch of powder if it comes back in stock within the next 2 weeks or so


Instead of Huel, just go plabt based ! Best switch I ever made, 4 years on and have never loved good more !

(Simon B) #98

Plant based as in diet?

I’ve been vegan for 9 years already :slight_smile:

I love Huel for the convenience mostly.


Yeah as in diet. I just look at Huel and just don’t get the buzz as making meals ahead. It looks bland but guess if it’s pure time saving it prob works!

9 years! Amazing to see people who never go back ! Best choice I ever made was going vegan after being veggie for years :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #100

Absolutely! For sure one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I think there’s a misconception about Huel - that Huel users only drink it or replace like every meal with it. I’m sure some people do, but I don’t even have it every day - maybe 3-5 times a week. Still eat plenty of regular food haha. It’s perfect for being in a rush or on the go etc.


Same, or less even, for me. I love it as a great backup if I don’t have time or energy to cook/buy food, rather than skipping a meal or eating something terrible for me.


Just about to place a huel order for the first time

Any recommendations or discount codes available?

Thanks :+1:

(Simon B) #103

Sure thing, will DM