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(David Bain) #63

I keep looking at replacing most of my work lunches with Huel, may have to look at using one of the referrals. I just keep reading about the occasion negatives, anyone got any major issues with it?


I’ve used it for 5 mixes now. I much prefer the Vanilla over the Unflavoured, which was a surprise. The Unflavoured tastes like oats, and is hard to make it taste of anything else with just flavouring! Still trying to find a mix where I can taste the strawberry. They do same flavour packs, I would try those first (they were sold out when I ordered).

A friend at work uses a blender for his, it does make it much smoother, and he adds banana. I don’t mind it being slightly rough from just shaking, I kind of like it.

My link is just above :slight_smile:

(Oliver Ford) #65

Personally I find pure vanilla too sweet; I mix 1 scoop un* with 1.75 (ish) scoops vanilla.

I tried the flavour samples, liked most of them, and just kept the same mix as above.

(Peter Roberts) #66

Did that include the matcha one? If so, how did you like it?


Update after using it a few more times.

I like the Vanilla more than the U&U. It is sweeter, which for me is good. The U&U seems to make my sweat/skin smell slightly different from normal - not unpleasant (as far as I can tell :stuck_out_tongue:) but different.

It is impossible to taste the strawberry flavour pack with the U&U, I can with the Vanilla if I used a heaped teaspoon, but I actually prefer it without. It makes it one level sweeter, which I find too much. I will continue to try and find something to flavour it as strawberry!

I’ve noticed a lot of people like it when done in a blender, I don’t mind the rougher texture. But I also only use it occasionally, and often in addition to a meal, rather than as a meal replacement. When I’ve been in a rush and used it as a replacement I have felt much better at the end of the day than if I had skipped eating.

If anyone would like to use my link (we seemed to have formed a chain of Monzo users) it is:

(Brandon Billingham) #68

I read this thread about Huel, don’t click on any referral links. Huel adverts everywhere!


I finally bit the bullet and have ordered some. I’ll post my referral link here in case anyone wants to use it.

(Allie) #70

Soylent Green

(Harry) #71

Just ordered some of the Granola to try out for breakfast… If anyone’s interested use my link for £10 off :wink:

(Simon B) #73

For the convenience factor, as well as to keep things fresh and not get bored of having the same thing all the time, I’m now using a product called Saturo.

Same concept as Huel - but prepackaged. Fully vegan, nutritionally complete, and available in three flavours (Original, Chocolate & Coffee).

Obviously as a prepackaged product it’s more expensive than Huel, so I’m alternating. I’ve just finished my initial trial order of 12 bottles, and have now ordered 24 more.

If anyone’s interested, I have a referral link here for 10% off your first order :

(Simon B) #74

It did - but I’m not a huge matcha fan so I’m perhaps not best placed to answer! It was decent, I think if you like matcha you would probably like it.

Hoping to try some of the Granola Huel soon!

Has anyone tried the bars since they updated the recipe? I have a whole box of the old recipe to finish but I’m eager to know what’s changed. Apparently they aren’t as dry now… a glass of water is a must with the old recipe!

(Kolok) #75

Just used your link @harryru

If anyone wants to keep the chain going use mine :slight_smile: Referral link

(Simon B) #76

The new bars are SO MUCH BETTER!

Moist and delicious. The old recipe required a full glass of water, the new recipe is more like a soft chocolate brownie - they appear to have added cacao nibs too - delicious!!!

(Hugh Wells) #77

You’re making me hungry… :see_no_evil:

(Sebastian) #78

I’ve been considering Huel for years. I’m wanting weight loss and to be vegan more often. I am currently a vegi.

I’m looking though to find out if anyone’s tried the chocolate flavour?? Is it bad, good or great?

(Peter Roberts) #79

I just chuck some cocoa in with it :+1:


This is only half helpful, but they do offer a set where you get a tester of each flavour, so you can then find which one suits you best.

(Sebastian) #81

Yes defently going to chuck that in my basket. But from the list. The toffee and and chocolate appeal to me most. As long as the toffee don’t taste like coffee that is.

(Richard Cook) #82

Serves me right for trying to be smart by buying like 50 of the originals when they came out.


Reaching the end of the Original Vanilla and Unflavoured that I had from before. Interested to see what the New Vanilla tastes like… I liked the old one (which you can still get) but wasn’t a fan of Unflavoured, too oaty for me.