Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

Shame they seem so focused on the bottles.

Need cookie to comeback!


Missing a pretty important ingredient for a pina colada!

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It’s only the lassi ones that don’t come with a powder option.

Gave me a good laugh…

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YFood pina colada lassi tastes amazing!

It might be a lassi thing but it reminds me of those muller corner yogurts with a hint of pineapple juice tang. That’s what it tastes like to me. Very nice.

Ordered some Huel cinnamon roll or whatever. Hope it’s going to taste alright; I absolutely hated everyone’s favourite banana

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It’s not bad. I mix if half half with original flavour.

Wasn’t an everyday taste for me.

Hm, the other bag is salted caramel so might try mixing it if not a huge fan

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How did you find it?

I quite like it. There’s a bit of sweetness and the cinnamon taste isn’t overwhelming.

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