Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

We’ve gone back to Yfood, it just tastes the best by far. Always get the Ready to Drink ones.

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This is key. The bottles are made out of recycled plastic too*, so the whole thing is circular. The whole point of recycling and reusing materials.

*until banks and green washers like them take all the recycled plastics out of circulation so it all ends up landfills anyway! Whilst praising themselves for doing something good for the planet! :partying_face:

YFood is now starting to show up in shops in the U.K. alongside Huel. I’d say this all but cements them as the #2 player in the U.K. market. Glad to see it though!

I’ve abandoned Saturo now and just have my Yfood subscription, occasionally supplemented with the odd bottle of Huel from co op.


Which shops? I tried all the major supermarkets and they’re not listed.

Just Holland and Barratt so far, but I’ve heard more retail locations are on the cards too.

I might buy some yfoods, favourite flavours?


Fresh Berry is nice too. So is vanilla and banana.

from my experience, the rule of thumb to follow is to buy whichever flavour is the same as your favourite flavour of milkshake. They’ll taste fairly close to that across the board. Unless you’re buying the vegan ones.

I enjoyed hazelnut, coconut and coffee.

All tasted great.

Coffee for the win by far :+1:

Coconut for me, easily!

Mango Lassi flavour is my current favourite. I’ve ordered the strawberry lassi to try in the new year.

The apple and cinnamon is really nice.

I’ve been drinking it long enough that I find the original flavours quite boring now… always looking forward to their new ones.

Okay I brought:

  • Subscription: Vegan Powder

Subscription: Vegan Powder × 1Banana x 17

  • Subscription: Vegan Powder

Subscription: Vegan Powder × 1Choco x 17

Wish me luck! :pray:


I took a trip to Holland and Barrett today and bought a bottle of Banana, Coffee and Fresh Berry YFood to try. Hoping to have a better experience with this than Huel which I just couldn’t get over the oaty taste. :crossed_fingers:


Does anyone have a recommendation for the best texture among all the options?

I tried Huel maybe … 4 years ago… and the chalky texture made me gag (very sensitive to food texture).

Has it got better, or are there better alternatives?

Saturo and Yfood are miles better when it comes to texture. I’d start with those.

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No one told me yfood uses Hermes to deliver… >:(

Anyway, they are added to my list of “hermes companies” for future reference


Like a lot of places, they seem to spread their deliveries across a few different partners. I’ve had mine dispatched with Yodel, DPD, and DHL before.

Doesn’t make much difference to me. The last mile courier is always the same. Although Hermes seem to be handing off to Royal Mail for that last mile delivery now, which has caused a few problems and delays.

Just had the banana vegan yfood, tastes like a banana milkshake!


Huel have some new interesting flavours of the RTD branded as v2.0:

  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Salted Caramel
  • Cinnamon Swirl
  • Iced Coffee Caramel

Curious how these will taste. And being marked as a 2.0, hopefully they bring some texture improvements.

Available here: