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You’ve never had lemon cheesecake before?? :open_mouth:


I mean I’m skeptical of this as a method of testing the flavour, but you have nothing to lose and one lemon cheesecake to gain, so I still suppport it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah, I ended up finishing the bag of Mac & Cheeze, but I think I agree with this. Won’t be going back.

I found the best thing was to have one scoop of Mac & Cheeze and one scoop of Mexican Chilli. Worked out pretty well!

Big fan of the Madras and Mexican Chilli, and I’m finding Hot & Savoury is really sticking for me in a way the regular powder wasn’t. H&S makes a much better lunch, IMO.

I have now! Not keen on the lemon part!

Please leave quickly and quietly.


Not being picky but that is a key factor in lemon cheesecake


Have you experienced the cheesecake part previously? Or is this all new to you?

Just the lemon part is new! I love other kinds of cheesecake! Gu make some nice ones!



Trying to get through the Huel Hot & Savoury I ordered but I really really can’t stand the smell of the Mac n Cheeze. The whole thing is just nauseating. But if anyone’s into it, let me know, I have an unopened bag I’d happily sell

I think you’d have to pay someone to take it based off your review :wink:

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I don’t know, maybe it appeals to someone and they’re eager to eat more of the stuff. But honestly I find it vile – so much so that the bag I opened (about half full) is now sitting in the bin

I can understand why Huel don’t do taster packs otherwise this wouldn’t sell