Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

Huel’s product design is without doubt the best in the industry, and they’re likely among the healthiest variants too.

But I’ve had to cancel my subscription. The taste and texture is just so inconsistently bad. In the past 18 months, I’ve had two deliveries that were pleasant to drink. The rest have either smelled off, tasted off, or full of chunks and rubbery bits.

I’ve been on it for about 18 months and have never noticed any inconsistencies. Are you buying powder or ready mixed?

Ready to drink. Never got on well with powders.

I’ve replaced them fully with YFood which is a much nicer and more consistent taste. Very smooth, smells lovely, and taste lovely. A shame because I really dig Huel’s bottles, and the few batches that were nice, were really nice. Smelled and tasted like chocolate brownie, and was just as smooth in texture as their competitors.

The issues started I think when they moved production out of the US. Even the Austrian made temporary replacements that got a lot of flack had a much more pleasant texture.

I have my own process for mixing the powder which works great for me but it does involve prepping in advance rather than on demand.

Haven’t tried yfood or Saturo but may have to at some point.

I’d definitely recommend them both. YFood was the first I’d discovered before moving on to Saturo. Now that YFood has a proper U.K. based operation rather than being focused on Germany, it’s much cheaper and easier to get, so replacing Huel with them was an easy decision.

Saturo just has everything nailed. The texture is perfect, the taste is amazing, but not too sweet, which is necessary to be able to stomach them multiple times daily.

Whenever Huel RTD gets a 2.0 I’ll give them a try again.


Meant to post the other day - local sainsbury’s has just had a bit of a refresh (finally widened the meal deal a bit to include more snacks/drinks options) and, separately, now stocks Huel chocolate drink.

Tried one, thought the consistency and taste were just a bit weird. Not horrible…but thicker than I expected, and just quite bland.

Am quite interested in having some sort of meal replacement for breakfasts/lunches where I’m in a huge rush, so might look into Saturo and Yfood.

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Was about to pull the trigger on some Yfood (shame the hazelnut is sold out!) but it’s about a third pricier than Huel.

Not a big deal as a one off but will def add up over time.

I’d recommend trying YFood before anything else if you do. It tends to go down a hit due to how similar it is in both taste and texture to your typical supermarket milkshake.

Saturo, and for most meals in a bottle, they require more of an acquired taste I’ve found. If you’re already accustomed and like RTDs, you’ll probably love Saturo, but if you don’t, you probably won’t like it. YFood is the only one other members of my household have tried and actually liked, though I prefer Saturo overall.

Are you looking at the Subscription pricing or as a one off purchase? YFood is only about £2 more expensive on subscription per 12 bottles. They’re an easier access too given that you order in packs of 6 rather than 12, and there’s also a taster pack.

For me it’s actually cheaper, because Huel charge me £3 for delivery given my location, whereas YFood don’t. Same courier too. 🤷

ETA: you can get £5 off on your first order if you sign up to their newsletter, if that matters. They also do have a referral program that can net you (and the referrer) £10 off. I’ve made it clear how I feel about referral links, so I won’t be posting mine. I recommend them because they’re good, not because there are kickbacks. Other folks on here do use them too, and may have a referral for you, or you can find them online. But if needs must, I will offer you mine via DM if you want it.

Final edit! I have a lot of surplus (chocolate flavour) at home. I’d be happy to send either of you 1 bottle via RM at no cost.


Was comparing non sub yfood to subbed Huel 🤦🏽.

Life for like it’s £5 more for two bags of powder. Much more reasonable.

If anyone wants to DM me a referral, I’m not going to be ungrateful! :joy:

@N26throwaway i wouldn’t dream of making you breach your moral code for the sake of a tenner!


Extremely kind of you but unfortunately I don’t eat chocolate, otherwise I’d be all over it. I’ve no doubt it probably tastes fantastic too!

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I am currently using this:

The mint flavour tastes like an aero bar, I have tried the double chocolate, and it wasn’t good. I like the fact it tastes nice and is vegan, so easy for me to do my meat free days. It is also a lot cheaper than yfood/huel, you can regularly get 4KG for £36.50 so I tend to get this and the pancake mix to get to £50 for free delivery and the quidco is always £7+ so it’s a bit of a bargain.

It does need blending unlike yfood which can just be shaken however it tastes nice and does fill me up for less than Yfood, I do keep an eye on Yfood but happy to be saving money at the moment with TPW.

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Courtesy of the very kind @N26throwaway, I will shortly be reviewing (drinking) YFood alpine chocolate for my lunch and sharing some thoughts!

Edit with thoughts:

Yum! It tastes really similar to the the chocolate For Goodness Shakes, which I love.

Not in any way too thick/lumpy like the chocolate huel I tried the other day. Just really nice to drink.

Notice that it does have 66% of my daily protein so is still quite a ‘bulking’ drink… 🥲

Overall p impressed! Thanks again to my sponsor @N26throwaway :handshake: (I confirm this post was in no way influenced by any third party and all thoughts are my own)


Saturo’s new products are imminent! I’m more nervous than excited, but curious to see what they come out with. The big deal they’re making about the originals going away suggests a flavour change, and their flavours are the best to, so why change what already works!

Best case scenario for me is the 500ML gets a redesign and updated to the 2.0 taste and texture of the tetra packs.

Free shipping is back on U.K. orders for this offer though if anyone wants to take advantage of that. I’ve had some camel camel camel alerts of price reductions on Amazon too.

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I was having yfood, but what turned me off eventually was the high sugar content.

I’ve moved to Huel. It’s more expensive and not nearly as tasty, but it’s all natural, low sugar ingredients are hard to beat, and it still tastes okay.

But, honestly, I can’t help but miss how delicious yfood was!

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Are you talking about ready mixed? I’ve just bought my first batch of Yfood powder and I found that my regular Huel was a fair bit cheaper.

Oh really? Hmmm I recall paying about £30 for yfood powder / bag on Amazon and about £45 for huel.

It’s £45 for two bags if you subscribe. I buy 8 at a time at around £19 a bag.

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The new version of Saturo is now available on here:

AFAICS they’ve just moved to tetrapak for the 500ML. Which is great. I much prefer tetra over plastic. Better for the planet, and better for protecting the stuff inside the carton/bottle.

Not overly keep on the very square/boxy design though.

One thing i am nervous about is that I’ve been told they’ve improved the taste and texture. It’s not the 2.0 taste and texture from the 330ML variant, but rather they’ve apparently tried to improve the 330ml in this new version. That makes me very anxious. The 330ml ones are perfection in my eyes.

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Have just ordered the taster pack of Yfood powder as I’ve hit breaking point with how boring/annoying it is having to come up with something for lunch every day lol (whilst still working from home)

Even having a Tesco meal deal once or twice a week is exciting at this point, so I’m hoping that removing this decision should make my lunch time easier, and let me make more use of it too!


it’s certainly a much healthier, quicker and frankly more exciting option than a Tesco meal deal. Half the price too.