Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

I was thinking about this on my drive home today
If the cost per meal is the same, I’ll definitely be getting it.
If the cost per meal is higher, I’m gonna be put off

Looks like they already had a launch event.

Thai Green Curry and Tomato & Herb flavours.


Yup, I was there! :joy:

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Nice. Did you get to try both? Which was better?

I actually backed this on Kickstarter a few months back, and it’s set to ship next month. Encouraging that Huel are thinking along similar lines.

That looks really interesting - is not heard of it!

RE: Hot and Savoury Huel I found the Tomato and Basil a little bit ‘meh’ - by no means bad but it didn’t wow me. The Thai Curry was/is excellent though - not spicy enough for my personal taste perhaps but it’s easy to add that to taste.

They’ve managed to keep it to less than £3 a meal too which is excellent value for what you’re getting. Much more expensive than the powders but it’s a totally different product.