Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc


It’s certainly lacking in the UK. If ever someone wanted to print money then going into proper locarb full nutrition meal replacements isn’t far off the mark.

(Tony Hoyle) #329

Anecdotally I’m a lot healthier, because I sleep a lot less and get more done. Hence writing this at 2am wide awake :stuck_out_tongue:

I get a lot of acid reflux though… thinking of maybe mixing some bicarb in/

(Simon) #330

Agreed, there is nothing at all. :frowning:

(Louis Otto) #331

As a quick hack, that’s also cheap. I opted to pass on a blender, and instead I whisk it with a fork (pay attention to scrape the sides to get that barnacle powder off) and then I leave it in the fridge for a bit. Massively improves texture and consistency.

(lewis oconnor) #332

Anyone tried coffee?

(Richard Bairwell) #333

You could just try Slimfast (especially the High Protein ones). They are intended as meal replacements after all…

(Tony Hoyle) #334

Not very scientific, but I did a comparison of Huel and Slimfast Vitality back when my wife was looking at it (She eventually didn’t use Slimfast as it’s too sweet & is using the asda stuff).

I’m not sure slimfast will help if you want lower carbs - there’s only a few % difference.


50% off Soylent today on Amazon :eyes: £19.50 for 12

(joekw) #336

For some reason it also gave me a £3 voucher so £16.50 overall. Worth a try, i guess.

(Tony Hoyle) #337

That’s actually not a bad price… if only it would stay at that price!

Edit: Bah… No voucher.

(Simon B) #338

I got the £3 voucher too… 12 bottles for £16.50 is a bargain. Just restocked on coffee.

(Charlie Kelly) #339

Ordered the same deal - had a £15 Amazon voucher so it was £1.50! Looking forward to trying it when it arrives today!

Has anyone tried the other flavours? How does Original taste?

(Charlie Kelly) #340

12 x Coffee just arrived. I like it a lot actaully. Good flavour and consistency and feeling fuller already after half a bottle or so. Love the branding too - simple but unique.

Breakfast sorted for the next few days…

(Tony Hoyle) #341

Well, after a week on Soylent I realized that the bad heartburn I’ve had for months is due to the Huel, so will probably have to ditch it. I’ve ordered a months suppy of Saturo as an experiment (soylent being 400ml doesn’t really suit my goal of 1000 calories a day, whereas either size of Saturo works fine. Also Saturo is somewhat cheaper).

(John Biondini) #342

Does anyone know an option suitable for a keto diet?

(Splodf) #343

They tend to be pretty sugary. I asked this earlier and haven’t found much myself.

This is the closest:

(John Biondini) #344

Thanks, I’ll check them out now. :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #345


I’ve been mixing a sachet with a low sugar greek yoghurt for my breakfast, haven’t found a bad flavour yet (I’m on Keto too).

(Tom ) #346

I am a recent Huel fan it’s great! I drink the premixed stuff and makes a very convenient lunch. Bonus points for being vegan as well