Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(lewis oconnor) #308

Are you blending it with the ice cubes? I still seem to be getting a chalky grainy sort of taste/texture. This is with the berry flavour, not tried vanilla yet (I actually ordered coffee not berry)

(Colin Robinson) #309

Yes if I make it first thing in the morning as I can drink it straight away. I usually try to get it ready the night before and store it in the fridge. I’m on the mint choc at the moment :yum: with U/U as a backup as I can flavour that many ways if needed :strawberry::grapes::banana::cherries::mango::coconut::chocolate_bar::peanuts::honey_pot::coffee:

(lewis oconnor) #310

do you find it still has a chalky grainy texture?

(Colin Robinson) #311

Only if I manually shake, I’m using a NutriBullet now.

I’m in East Anglia - wonder if water supply has anything to do with it?

(lewis oconnor) #312

Also using a nutribullet, cant imagine water in Manchester is too different

(Colin Robinson) #313

Might be worth asking on

(Sam) #314

As a former Norfolk resident now living in Manchester, I can tell you that the water is very different (in taste anyway). Not sure if it would make much difference with Huel though…

(Tony Hoyle) #315

I find huel quite chalky in texture even blended… but so is pre-blended saturo… it’s just in the nature of these things I think.

Leaving overnight in the fridge makes for a much smoother drink, esp. when combined with a little milk. Can’t entirely get rid of it though. You get used to it.

(Colin Robinson) #316

I’ve tried Saturo, that’s definitely chalky compared to Huel for me.

(lewis oconnor) #317

Just trying it this morning for breakfast after leaving in the fridge, not as bad but still there it is an improvement

(Peter Roberts) #318

Yeah, it never goes but maybe people are sensitive to the textures of these things quite differently since others are saying Saturo is chalky too but I find it much smoother than Huel :man_shrugging:

Edit: Huel irritates my throat and makes me cough. Leaving it to soak in the fridge for some hours reduces this


To the point that people like different tastes: I don’t find huel chalky, and much prefer it a bit rougher than when it’s as smooth as from a blender.

(Jonathon) #320

From what I can see on the Huel forums, most people seem to have a reaction when they first start it to, ahem, fart a lot more.

Thank GOD I appear immune from this particular infliction.

(lewis oconnor) #321

been on Huel for a few days… does it make anyone else feel healthier after drinking… I don’t normally have the best, or a good one even but after drink Huel this morning i felt a lot healthier than normal, couldn’t tell if it was just a placebo effect…


Do any of you know if there is an equivalent to Huel that is low carb?

(Splodf) #323

Doesn’t exist. I asked this earlier.


Sad times, oh well, eggs and bacon it is then :grin:

(Splodf) #325

Not the end of the world eh?!


Nah, would have made life easier tho.

(Splodf) #327


To get round it I essentially cook double what I would normally for tea and use bagged salad and grated cheese or those cheese stuffed chillis as the ‘bulk’.

Switch between nuts and these for breakfast:

At least we know what our business is going to be. We just need @tom to lend us a few quid to get started :wink: