Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Tony Hoyle) #288

I like the chocolate and mint flavour. It’s the only one that I actually look forward to drinking… the berry is second best. Even with flavours I struggle with vanilla (the flavour boosts are hard to mix right).

I add a little milk because without it it has a bitter taste. The milk also brings out the flavours better.

Definitely use a blender - I have the blend active which is cheap and works really well.

I use 3 scoops twice a day, giving about half what I need the reset being made up of normal food. I couldn’t imagine having a full 2000 calories worth… that’s a lot of liquid!

(Splodf) #289

I was intrigued until I saw the carb content. I’ve been full Keto since May, so any more then one to two grams of carbs screws with Ketosis, as does anything that’s too protein heavy. Looks like none of these will fit the bill.

Anyone seen significant weight loss with these? I lost 25kg since I started keto, but…it does get boring after this long!

(Simon B) #290

Wow. What kind of things do you eat? I don’t think I can do Keto (vegan keto would be pretty intense) but I’m definitely hyper-aware of not having too many carbs.

(lewis oconnor) #291

Ive just bought some Huel! will receive it tomorrow!

(Splodf) #292

I usually have a handful of Macadamia nuts or other low carb, high fat nuts for breakfast. (Or these if I have time to make them )

Lunch is usually a portion of protein: chicken or cold cuts or cured meats with feta/halloumi/other cheese a handful of bagged salad and coleslaw.

Here’s tomorrow’s lunch. Salad just washed…might be a little too wet haha! Essentially sous vide chicken (in garlic and soy sauce), superfood bagged salad (hello Lidl) and a chilli stuffed with feta.

Tea is tea usually not too far removed from lunch.

Tough to start with, I haven’t ate any bread or sugar for the best part of half a year - they are 100% addictive and the withdrawal and cravings I still occasionally get are so weird, but they make me so ill to eat now that I just wouldn’t do it.

The upside is, diet pepsi tastes like the sweetest thing I’ve ever had and it’s pretty safe to drink for my diet so satisfies a lot of the craving and presents none of the sickness.

Small risk of hijacking the thread and unveiling the mug behind my dreary online persona…here’s the before and well during!


Well done , great effort :+1:

(Simon B) #294

Seriously impressive. Well done!

(Rachel Raybould) #295

Starting this on a cold and being clueless on amounts is probably not a good idea…

(Simon B) #296

Pro tip - blender and ice. Way better than shaking it.

(Jonathon) #297

Three scoops is about 500 calories, with about 600ml of water. As a basic, basic starter.

Then try other things - blending, ice, milk, flavours etc…

Personally I recommend making an initial “basic” one to work off of and liken to your tastes.

(Rachel Raybould) #298

I have done one for a trial and about 150ml of water blended with 3 ice cubes atm. Might try my coffee one later.

(Simon) #299

Well done.
I’ve done Keto for 2/3 months now and lost 2 stone in the process.
Also vegetarian so it hasn’t been easy.
I’m amazed how much carbs are in things :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #300

Ta and same to you.

It’s the sugar amounts for me. I’d always heard sugar crept into all of our foods, but seeing it first hand is shocking.

(Simon) #301

Agree completely “of which are sugars” is sometimes crazy.

(Louis Otto) #302

Tried huel for the first time this morning, first thoughts are that it smells of cookie dough, but boy is it sweet! I’ll go unsweetened from now on I think.

Also people weren’t kidding about using a blender, almost impossible to get it smooth without one.

Surprised at how filling it is, though. From 7.30am I didnt get a pang of hunger until gone 12.30 which is great!

(lewis oconnor) #303

I’ve tried it for the first time today just shaking and it’s incredibly … ''bitty" does using a blender remove this?:sweat_smile: Not really drinkable as is

(Nick) #304

Sounds like it does! See the reply immediately before yours:

(Simon B) #305

Yep! Blender + Ice is the way forward.


Mine sits in the fridge for several hours before I drink it so it pretty cooled. I assume I wouldn’t gain anything from adding ice? How much ice do you add?

(Colin Robinson) #307

500ml, 3 scoops, and 3 ice cubes works for me using a blender :+1: