Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Ben ) #268

It’s a pricey thing indeed but I think they’re not trying to target the same consumer as their ready made meals.

I’ve seen on LinkedIn they are doing more recruitment (I work in Food + Beverage manufacturing) for roles that are tend to suggest they are soon going to be sold in supermarkets and retail channels, rather than just direct to consumer.

Which at the price point of this - it sort of fits along side the ‘casual buyer’ / lunch time foods chiller at retailers.

Interesting move anyway.

(Tony Hoyle) #269

£2.79 for a drink isn’t casual unless you’re in a pub :stuck_out_tongue:

OTOH if they do get into supermarkets (and I think they’ll have to eventually to survive, as will saturo) they can increase production to get the price down again.

(Simon B) #270

I just ordered another box of Saturo bars and cancelled my Huel bar subscription. The Saturo ones just taste way better, IMO.

I’ve been a Huel customer much longer, but I have to say, this doesn’t give me a huge amount of confidence in their new RTD product, considering Saturo is also a competitor in that respect and that’s their main product.

If they’d have launched a year ago, it might be a different story. But right now it feels like they are on the backfoot compared to both Saturo and Soylent. Saturo have the experience of making and distributing the RTD, and have a ton of flavors, and different size options, and Soylent obviously have years of experience.

I’ve been a Huel powder customer for years now, but with RTD they don’t have first-mover advantage, nor experience. They do have a huge customer base though and lots of goodwill.

Having said all of this, I’ve not yet tried the Huel RTD. It might well be absolutely delicious and compete with Saturo on the flavor side (although the bar definitely doesn’t).

(Colin Robinson) #271

Just hope it’s available in the supermarkets as I don’t fancy spending all that money and then finding out I don’t like them :face_vomiting:

(Peter Roberts) #272

I totally agree and thank you very much for your recommendation before :smile:

I’m not sure how I feel about them tasting good though because I’ve found myself wanting to eat them whereas it is easier to use Huel in a way that combats cravings because I have zero interest in consuming it for pleasure

(Simon B) #273

It’s tricky, isn’t it? But I think not enjoying the taste makes it difficult to maintain them as a regular part of the diet. There still has to be a balance there. I don’t dislike the Huel bars but it’s tempting to just ignore them when I have them and “cheat” by eating something unhealthy that tastes better.

(Peter Roberts) #274

:thinking: indeed tricky! Another thing Saturo has going is the RTD stuff is easy to just pick up and grab before I cycle into work and stuff

I think I’ll definitely order some more Saturo, I still have quite the Huel backlog to work though :smiley:

(Andy) #275

Has anyone tried the Hull Ready to drink ??

(Jonathon) #276

Not yet! Was going to see on here if anyone did.

I just re-signed up as took a bit of time off it - used someone’s referral code up there!

Here’s mine if anyone is interested:

(Jai Sullivan) #277

Too expensive I feel, and kind of goes against their whole thing about being environmentally friendly and using minimal single-use plastic. Granted, some of the plastic used is apparently recycled but still doesn’t sit right with me.

(Tony Hoyle) #278

It’s a pity premix drinks are so expensive… to go with huel or saturo premix would triple my costs compared to the powdered huel. I’d swap to saturo in a heartbeat if they were comparable pricing.

(Rachel Raybould) #279

Okay you have now intrigued me to try these products. But what flavour do you recommend?

(lewis oconnor) #280

what different products are out there so far ive seen Huel, Soylent, Saturo, Mana and i think one from my protein, anyone seen any others?

(Louis Otto) #281

Just used it, looking forward to giving it a try! £30 for a months worth plus a shaker and a t shirt, not bad at all!

(Jonathon) #282

Which flavours did you go for?

For me it takes a bit to get used to, but it’s fun to play around with. In a morning I pop in a Nespresso for it to have a coffee flavour to it and a little boost.

(Louis Otto) #283

I just went for vanilla because to be honest the telling part will be the habit forming, not the flavour (as that’s easy to modify)

I’ll probably start with it plain, and then on different days alternate between adding some nescafe Azzera or cinnamon, or something like that.

I really doubt I’ll do the 4 shakes a day, I’ll probably do 1 in the morning and 1 for lunch, and then have regular food for dinner.

(Jonathon) #284

4 a day would be quite a lot. Starting on breakfast and lunch is a good shout.

I have found that it’s useful for when you don’t have time for dinner too, or if you’re maybe out after work and get home late.

(Bruno Sousa) #285

Been using huel for 3 months and mainly using it for weight control, as it’s easier to know how many calories you’re ingesting.
In my experience I’d either go with unflavored or vanilla and add stuff to your preference.
I tend to drink it with milk as I don’t like the texture when you mix it with water.
For reference I have a shake in the morning with milk (skimmed), 2 scoops of vanilla huel, a bit of cereal, a shot of coffee and some cinnamon for flavor.
At lunch I have the same huel and milk but with varied frozen fruits.
Use a blender, you’ll find it’s way better than just shaking it;)
It leaves you full and I’ve been losing weight consistently and I still have a normal meal in the evening:)

(Louis Otto) #286

Cheers for the advice peeps, looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about

(Rachel Raybould) #287

I have now bought my first lot. If I don’t like it I am sure my sister will take it into the office to people who like it!