Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Simon B) #247

Nope, just once a day. Sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for lunch.

(Colin Robinson) #248

Or a NutriBullet (other blenders are available)

(Keri) #249

Thanks @wjs - just used your code. Am eagerly awaiting my first delivery!

If anyone wants £10 off in the meantime feel free to use my code.

(Tony Hoyle) #250

Just trying Saturo for a few days for lunch. I’m not convinced so far of their marketing calling a 330ml bottle a ‘meal’. At 2000 calories a day that’s 2 bottles per meal surely (assuming 3 meals a day which would be normal).



Hmm, this looks interesting.

(Marc Dando) #253

Can’t wait to give it a try :slight_smile:

(Nick) #254

To be fair, they do call that a small meal. They also do 500ml bottles, which are the ones I’m using. That’s broadly equivalent to my lunch intake before I replaced it with Saturo.

Added bonus of having opted for the coffee Saturo is that as well as not having to buy lunch, I’m not having to go to Starbucks either, so I’m saving money there also.

(Tony Hoyle) #255

Alas there aren’t many flavours in the 500ml otherwise I’d have gone for that.

My 8 bottle stash is nearly gone now… Will give huel a try (larger initial commitment, more to waste if it doesn’t work for me).

(Simon Austin) #256

Have just embarked on the ‘Huel Odyssey’ ourselves and are very pleased with it so far.

Did a ‘lunch replacement’ for the first week, then ‘breakfast and lunch replacement’ the second - so far, cravings seem to be diminishing!

The Huel itself is reasonably tasty (in the ‘new and improved’ vanilla flavour, rather than the ‘flavour we felt we had to improve’ - you’ll see what I mean when you get to their website); they also do a sample set of flavours which is well worth getting - most of them taste pretty good.

We’ve gone for the ‘gluten free’ version, just in case there was any chance of ‘bloat overload’ - so far, so good.

It is a bit of a faff to make, I agree, but if you order their ‘starter pack’ you get a shaker with a ‘grid insert’ that seems to break the power down pretty well. Alternatively, a blender makes pretty quick work of it all - it’s great with some ice crushed in it!

Taste-wise, it’s ‘perfectly acceptable’ if made with water and ‘super creamy’ if made with (non-dairy) milk. We’re doing 2 scoops per drink - which we think tastes ‘less gloopy’ that 3 - and, of course, makes the bags last a little longer!

If you’d care to, please feel free to use this link for £10 off your first order (over £40, which it would be if you went for the ‘starter pack’ with a free shaker and T-shirt!) - in the interests of full disclosure, I’d also get £10, but I’m just a happy customer and not affiliated in any way with Huel otherwise.

If you’d prefer though, you can just go to their website directly.

Be curious to know how it compares to the others if you try it!


Ha, I much prefer the Original Vanilla over the new one. :crossed_fingers: they keep selling it for a long time!

(Thomas Guthrie) #258

Anyone that’s used Saturo tried out Soylent now its available over here? How do they compare to each other taste wise, especially the chocolate flavours.

(Simon B) #259

I’ve had the regular flavor Soylent and will be ordering the coffee one on Friday. For the original flavor, I’d say Saturo clinches it taste wise but there’s really not much in it.

(Charlie Kelly) #261

Ready to drink just got announced! £60 for 24 bottles… I’m good.

(Colin Robinson) #262

£67 if you don’t want a subscription, pay now and delivered after Christmas! I’ll stick to my ordinary Huel thank you.

(Charlie Kelly) #263

Agreed. Delivery after Christmas seems foolish if they’re launching now - might as well wait until January!

(Tony Hoyle) #264

400 calories a bottle, so I’d need 2 bottles a day at my current consumption rate… so ~£90-£100 a month. That’s a pass from me I’m afraid.

Huel powder isn’t what I’d call tasty (I’ve heard it described as ‘being sick backwards’) but it is at least a comparable price to what I was spending on lunch before it.

(Colin Robinson) #265

My mistake, it’s dispatch by 28 December not delivered after:

And the preorder gives you just under 30p per bottle discount :wink:

(Colin Robinson) #266

Depends what you add to it - I’ve been putting organic cacao liquor buttons & dried coconut (both from Bulk Powders) in mine for a Bounty bar flavour :yum:
15g each + 500ml water + 3 scoops unflavoured.

(Tony Hoyle) #267

Apparently a milk/water mix improves the flavour somewhat. Now that my flavour samples have run out (very weak flavours, not going to pay the £75 odd it’d cost for a proper set) I’ll have to start experimenting anyway…