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Huel, a London-based startup that produces and sells powder meals for busy people, has landed a £20 million funding round from Highland Capital. This is the company’s first round of funding since its inception in 2015.

“Huel has been profitable since day one and is on track to triple turnover this year,” said the company’s co-founder Julian Hearn. “In order to accelerate growth, expand our product portfolio and reach new markets, we decided to take external funding into the company. […] These developments present a really exciting time for Huel and the ‘complete food’ category in general. We expect further innovation will follow as a consequence soon.”

(Simon B) #228

Saturo bars are awesome! I prefer them to the Huel bars and will be cancelling my Huel bar subscription for these ones.

(Rachel Raybould) #229

Never tried it. Had something similar but tasted awful.


£2 a bar if you subscribe? :astonished: Are they massive bars?


65g according to that packaging. I think a Mars bar is about 60g – maybe 65g if you deep fry it.

(Nick) #232

Thought I’d try one of these things as a lunch replacement, and after much consideration I ultimately plumped for Saturo (500ml). First order arrived this afternoon, though I probably won’t try my first one until Saturday - or even Monday - as I figure I should probably finish my existing lunch-related items in the fridge first so I don’t waste any food.

Quite excited to get started, as using Saturo should mean I don’t waste any of my lunch hour acquiring and preparing food, and having one bottle of a known calorie value should help me avoid situations where I purchase a reasonable main for lunch and then blow everything up by adding on too many bits and snacks with the main.

Not sure if there’s anyone yet to try Saturo at this point, but apparently this referral URL will get you 10€ off a first order (and give me a 10€ coupon), assuming pasting it here works…

(Simon B) #233

Great stuff. I’m a big fan of Saturo. Let me know what you think!

(Colin Robinson) #234

@HoldenCarver Thanks Nick, just ordered the taster pack. I’ll add my code to the Referral Wiki.

(Peter Roberts) #235

Just ordered a bunch on your recommendation :smiley:

(James Clark) #236

Big fan of Huel. Been using it since latter end of 2015 and have never looked back. Have tried others in that time just to compare but Huel, for me, works and tastes the best. Didn’t realise this thread existed tbh.


Should be a Huel ad running on UK TV soon:

(Andy) #238

Im trying Saturo at the moment as dont have time to make or mix a powdered version, so far so good :slight_smile: Im going to order some bars for my post swim eat :slight_smile:

(Bradley 🐬) #239

I tried Huel. But I just got fed up for making the drinks and shaking it and still getting bits.

I’ve been looking at something similar called where the drinks are Premade in cartoons.


The newer formula is a lot easier to mix. I never gets lumps now

(Bradley 🐬) #241

Tbh I think I get too lazy to keep making the drinks and washing the mixer.

(Simon B) #242

Sounds like you need Saturo! :grinning:

(Bradley 🐬) #243

Just looked. Is shipping available to UK?

(Simon B) #244

Yup! It’s also on Amazon. I have a whole box in my fridge right now.

(Jai Sullivan) #245

I’m now four weeks into Huel (as a result of this community) and I’m loving it. I don’t have the best of diets anyway, but I also struggle with meal prep for work and end up spending ridiculous amounts of money in the centre of Cardiff. This seems to be working great, extremely convenient and keeps me full :smiley:

(lewis oconnor) #246

do you drink it for every meal?