Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Punit Mannari) #207

The biggest rebound / failure rate is with all the diet companys…no names mentioned where people have to buy their products and point system etc, they are not taught about nutrition…they are there to make money…

(Ben) #208

It’s a ‘nutritionally complete food’ (per their website) - contains a balanced blend of oats, rice + pea protein, and seeds to give you a proportion of your daily intake requirements of macro nutrients.

Looking online, 100g of powder (about 1 shake) = 8g Fibre (30g / day RDA), 29g protein (50g / day RDA). It is certainly not perfect - if you ate it for every meal (4x per day) you’d eat 3x your daily protein…

Plus 1 serving per day contains (roughly) 1/3rd intake of your essential vits and minerals.

It has a different nutritional profile to Slim Fast - whose main thing to be honest is just having small portions (you could achieve the same with Huel tbh…), but is also Vegan.

It’s not necessarily intended to replace all meals - and I’m likely to use it for breakfast or lunch if I’m in a rush. I see it as a low fuss way of getting my calorific / fibre / protein intake.

And can then use my actual evening meal for cooking :slight_smile:


I find it really useful for when the day has got in the way of eating, but I don’t want to skip a meal.

A couple of nights ago I was out late, and hadn’t realised how much time had gone by. Rather than a takeaway on the way home, when I was too tired to really eat, I just had Huel when I got in. Much better than skipping food that night.

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No comment…or else if I start arguing with you guys…I will get barred from here…I got degree in sports nutrition and done comps myself…
It’s common sense

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People are here to make make profit and got products…but sorry…I don’t agree

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And by the way I know James collier. Part owner…He is very knowledgeable guy tho owner of muscle talk as well…but it’s a business…I disagree with his idea

(Simon B) #213

Huel is a fantastic product - I’ve been using it for almost 3 years at this point.

Convenient, well priced, vegan and nutritionally complete.

I first started on it at my old job, where I didn’t have time to prepare healthy meals, and the shops nearby only sold junk unless you were prepared to pay a lot of money for lunch.

Also, when I’m working I don’t necessarily want my work flow interrupted. Huel is so quick to prepare, easy to consume, job done.

Saturo is even better since you can just grab and go - between the two of them I generally only need to have one other meal a day.

Love it, and it’s easy to see why they are so successful.

(Simon B) #214

Got myself some Soylent, sitting next to Saturo in my fridge. Currently alternating.


Why are you refrigerating LED lighting?

:thinking: :bulb: :snowflake:

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It’s a sticker on the inner door :joy:


Oh that’s boring.

I was expecting super cold-powered hot coral bulbs for special, highly classified, superhero-style activities.

Actually, you’d never just admit to being a superhero - and the most likely cover story would be a mundane one… And then there was the secret mission…

@simonb we have you rumbled! :superhero:

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Early thoughts?

(Simon B) #220

Good size, great taste. Hoping the price comes down!


Yeah currently very pricey!


Trying to get into Huel but just not feeling it. I guess I have enough time to sit down and have a meal in the evening and I prefer that. Gives me time to sit and unwind - with Huel, I end up sitting in front of the computer whilst chugging it down.

Now to get through the bag I have.

(Charlie Kelly) #223

Thinking of trying Soylent. Where did you order from and do you prefer it to Huel?


I’ve just seen Huel have a berry flavour:
Berry (new) Sweet strawberry, raspberry and blueberry flavour

(Colin Robinson) #225

Tried it and I can do the same myself by adding a handful of frozen berries into the unflavoured/unsweetened. :yum: Same with the coffee version, just add instant.

(Simon B) #226

Amazon! And yes, for the convenience.