Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

(Jack) #186

I guess I’ll leave it then haha, I’ll get another flavor. Thanks for letting me know

(lewis oconnor) #187

Im super desperate to try it! but as a full meal replacement.
has anyone tried this? and if so how did it work out cost wise

(Andy) #188

I’ve just jumped on board with this, working shifts I can’t eat regularly (if at all) or healthily. So this seemed like a good option.

I’ve noticed a few people have used it to reduce weight. I want to gain weight, has anyone had joy with that using Huel as a main meal replacement?

(Colin Robinson) #189

This is what I ordered:

So that’s 2 x 1.75kg pouches and the recommendation is 3 scoops (approx. 115g) so that’s a lot of meals!

(lewis oconnor) #190

how long did this last? and how often were you taking it?

(Colin Robinson) #191

I haven’t finished it yet, and I’m replacing two meals a day.

(Jorge) #192

So 3.5 kilos at 115g a meal it’s 30 meals. At £45 for that order we’re talking around £1.50 a meal + whatever you add on top (bananas / milk / yoghurt)

(Colin Robinson) #193

That’s what I thought too, good to have someone double check my figures :+1:

Oh and I’m pretty sure you can get a discount code for your first order to make it cheaper.

Here’s mine

(For every friend who buys Huel (over £40) via your unique referral link, we’ll give you both £10 off! )

(Simon B) #194

Saturo have been experimenting with limited edition flavours in 330ml TetraPaks. So far, I’ve tried the Chai one and the Hazelnut one and enjoyed both, but the regular flavour is still my favourite.

(Simon B) #196

Just heard the news that Soylent are launching in the UK on September 12th exclusively through Amazon! :raised_hands:

(Liam) #197

I finally made my Huel with ice and a blender. There’s no going back. :open_mouth:

Looks almost identical to Huel. Any interesting differences?

(Simon B) #198

Not sure if they are launching their powders here yet (and I’ve not had them to be able to tell) but they are launching their pre-made drinks, which I always buy when I’m in the US.

They look like this :

I really like the Vanilla one.

I’ve been having the Saturo ready to drink ones for the last few months and I love those too, so I’ll probably buy both and mix it up for Variety.

Huel are said to be launching a ready to drink as well, but they’ll need to do some different options compared to their powder and the flavor packs otherwise I don’t see the point since I still have a cupboard full of powder and flavor packs.

(Liam) #199

:+1: Didn’t see those (I didn’t look hard).

Single use bottles like those would clash with Huel’s zero/low waste marketing. I wonder if they go for it regardless or if they do something more interesting with their product.

(Simon B) #200

It was mentioned in a recent interview with the founder that they are planning their ready to drink product, but definitely agree it’ll be interesting to see what route they take.

I think it is inevitable in order to be taken seriously as a food company or at least to compete.

In the US, you can buy the Soylent Cafe drinks at most 7-11 stores and also Wal-Mart. That’s got to be a huge revenue driver.

(Ben) #201

I just used your referral code @Dunsford - thanks!

Popping in my code in case anyone else fancies using it :slight_smile:

(Punit Mannari) #202

Nothing can beat real food.


That’s what breakfast and dinner is for :sunglasses:

(Is Santa here yet?) #204

Is Huel basically manly slim fast?


I compared it to my normal Tesco meal deal and it had the same calories but a better mix of the bits and bobs so no? It defiantly feels like I’m either slim fasting of protein shaking when people see me drinking it though :neutral_face:

(Punit Mannari) #206

I have competed on stage on a national level twice before. Any liquid meal, I do not not regard as a meal…it’s a extra…(same with bars)but not a meal…
Real food people…
Also they are there to make money…
Back to basic, nutrition/supplement 101