Huel / Saturo / Soylent / etc

I used to love the MRE packs in the British Army. So many different packs, and doing a mix and match with colleagues. I honestly don’t get these replacement/supplement things…

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We used to get sent a whole range - depending on which armies were feeling generous or simply needed to rotate their stock. The French and German ones were the best - in my opinion - with the US ones (and much more basic protein bars also available) less appealing - at least taste wise.

We had a small bottle of hot sauce for the bland ones :joy:

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It’s fantastic for you that you have the time, knowledge, facilities and motivation to plan, prepare and eat three balanced meals a day. A lot of people are missing one of those four and I think that’s where the appeal may be. I probably wouldn’t replace one of my meals with something like this but I can totally understand why it’s appealing to people. That’s not even taking into account the cost for those who would otherwise be buying lunch on a work day. The powdered Huel is less than £1.50 a meal - you can’t even get a coffee in London for that.

(You both have very different recollections of military rations to me. We called them ‘Rat Packs’ for a reason… :joy:)


Yes, it’s quite a luxury. Money, time and the right state of mind are hard to come by for some.

Remember also that MREs are designed for highly active young men. The same diet is not going to work for someone in their 40s in a sedentary job

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It feels like it’s down not only to time, but also to priorities. I have a friend on twice my salary who focuses all his spare time on producing music - and so has turned to Huel to cover some of his needs. Which does baffle me.

I wouldn’t say each of my meals individually is balanced, but overall, the nutrition they provide me is.

Another factor is I get no enjoyment working out how to make a meal as healthy or nutritious as possible - especially over lunch when I want something quick and easy to make and eat. Hence why I go RTD for lunch.

Some people love cooking a big chicken and sub dividing it into meals to last the week but it’s not something I have ever wanted to do (for example).

I’m not even sure I’d know if anything I have ever eaten is balanced by modern standards. Used to be you threw some meat in there and some veggies and that was it, now there’s all sorts of rules - a look at the back of a bottle of saturo is brain melting (mind you, I grew up with <random tomato sauce based product of the day>+chips, as my childhood predated decent ready meals, so back then we weren’t even trying).

I know that half my calories came from a balanced source, that puts me in a good starting point. The rest I can’t do much about, so I just eat what tastes nice and hope.


The “Eatwell Guide” is a good starting point for what the UK consider “balanced” - it splits out into food categories rather than pure nutritional facts, which may be more useful: (link)

In terms of actual pure nutritional intake, this table from here is a good starting point, and foods with ‘traffic light’ guides on the front will give you an overall indication if what your eating is low / medium / high in the various macro nutrients.

Energy 8,400kJ/2,000kcal
Total fat less than 70g
Saturates less than 20g
Carbohydrate at least 260g
Total sugars 90g
Protein 50g
Salt less than 6g

And if you look at how Huel, for example, performs, scaled up to 2000kcal, you get this:

Nutrition Per 2000kcal % RI per 2000kcal
Energy 8400kJ / 200kcal 100%
Fat 65g 93%
of which saturates 12g 58%
of which monounsaturates 12g
of which polyunsaturates 39g
Carbohydrate 186g 69%
of which sugars 2.9g 3%
Fibre 36g 120%
Protein 146g 292%
Salt 3.6g 59%

YFood have just released a vegan version of their drink that uses Soy instead of milk like Saturo and Soylent. I’m curious to see how it tastes compared to Saturo.

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Nice. Defo will get a batch of that in on payday!

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I’ve been trying for a few weeks. I’m doing it on an alternate day fasting(fasting being 500kcal limit) basis, day 1 is 2 shakes nothing else, day 2 is 1 shake and whatever in evening. I tried out another vegan powder but wasn’t impressed(seemed thin and grainy in comparison)

I received a box of Mana in the dream (chocolate) flavour. I’m not too keen. The taste is fairly similar to Saturo but with a slightly darker more savoury taste. The consistency is very thick too. Closer to a chocolate sauce or syrup than a chocolate milkshake texture like you get from the others. I guess that’s due to the amount they’re packing into a 330ML carton. The aftertaste is a weird one too, almost akin to chocolate ice cream. I can tolerate the drinks enough to consume them, but I don’t like them much. I don’t plan to order them again.

Thanks to Andrew for the Huel referral link i’ve just used.

I’d like to return the favour for someone else and share mine.

Can I post it here? Someone posted a link to the referral wiki but I have no idea how to add to that as it looks read only.


Hi @Reck,

There should be a pencil at the top of the wiki for you to edit it and add your referral code, you are not supposed to post referrals anywhere else. If you PM me I can add it for you if you’re having issues.

Sorted it, thanks @CJ0206

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Huel just launched their new Raspberry and White Chocolate (vegan) bar.

Just ordered a box plus another box of the Peanut flavor.


Oooo those look tasty! I would love just a plain white chocolate version tho!

Out of interest, how did you get in with the vegan YFood drinks? I’m contemplating ordering some of the regular milk based drinks.