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I’ve heard good things generally, but it has to be said I’ve heard of lots of people with relatively ordinary credit history’s be rejected for a current account, so I’ve always steered clear.

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I switched from First Direct to Monzo a few years back.

FD were pretty good in so far as the app and web banking systems let me do pretty much everything I ever needed, they always answered the phone very quickly, and I could use HSBC branches, which had machines for paying in loose change.

Monzo’s app was a bit slicker, better notifications, better management of direct debits, better visibility of upcoming payments, so I switched.


HSBC do the “upcoming payments in the future” thing now too, and I think First Direct do as well (although not using predictive “Balance after bills” like HSBC - which is equivalent to Monzo’s “Left to spend” bar). I think they only show Direct Debits as upcoming slightly early in the transaction list.


HSBC to be told it must break up bank in meeting with Hong Kong investors (


Hi folks. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but does anyone have a HSBC Expat account?

:raised_hands: yes

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