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That’s a shame to hear. First direct are fine for what I need from the account, but there is a lot of unrealised potential.

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I mean, they could be talking rubbish but with folks saying it’s been 4+ years for push notifications it does make you think.

Same goes with nationwide, can’t even see your card details or pin with them so suppose FD are ahead of them. :rofl:

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I think this is pretty much exactly what’s happened. It’s really clear that HSBC have pulled whatever additional development resource they’ve given to FD back in house. The notifications were the first; they were meant to “move on” to FD but never did.

Then insights, it was meant to come to HSBC first but FD got it. But then any follow on work e.g budgets has gone elsewhere.

In many ways a shame. I prefer the minimal look of FD but it seems to have stagnated and maybe even starting to go backwards slightly.

A shame.

That said as a full HSBC customer now this isn’t all bad. The app is coming along nicely.

starting to move over my Direct debits to HSBC manually after reading some previous posts. Hopefully all will be good.

Can’t get my insights to work though, I toggle them on then it just toggles off again :smiley: not overly fussed however as I didn’t really like insights on the FD app.

Now my FD app is sitting not getting used it is annoying me and I have the urge to close it but will try hang on for a wee bit.

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I had this for a while, it eventually started working so I’d imagine after you use the account for a while this’ll be the case.

You’ll be fine. Balance after bills is great as is management and visibility of upcoming bills.

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