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You can only manually try DD’s before 2pm on the day.

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Thanks for the correction. I’ll edit my post to clarify

What is the latest you can retry a DD manually? I assume at some point you have to report to the DD originator that the payment has failed. Is it 2pm or up to midnight that day?

It’s some time towards the end of the day

It might be longer than a day. With Dutch bank Bunq you have to approve Direct Debits in-app (they don’t go out automatically) and I think you can wait up to 5 days to approve them

Are UK direct debits the same?

Not sure, but if you don’t have the money in your account attempts to take it happen for a couple of days I think

Could this be the new labs feature?

Potentially :man_shrugging:t3: Guess we will wait and see what the future holds

Without searching , when is that event?

Tuesday 14th

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Would it be possible to make the predicted amount editable? Editable may be the wrong word… just a function to correct the predicted amount. I have a spreadsheet with all my income and outgoings and as soon as I know a particular bill is different from the previous month I edit it and it shows me what I’ve got left straight away. It’s fristrating when it tries to predict something I know the correct answer to.

Having this functionally in committed spending would mean I could budget in the app. We could still have the check where it checks the DD the day before and maybe have a message along the lines of “the amount you predicted for this DD is higher/lower by £x”

At the minute I have a DD that I know is going to be £20 more so have that in my main account but my summary shows £20 extra. I know this can be fixed by setting the budget but it’s cleaner and easier if it does this itself.


As I’ve said elsewhere, you are way better off using Summary to show this than actually moving money around. Be interested to know how your legacy bank handles this.

That would certainly be the last piece in my budgeting puzzle although I’m not quite sure how it would be best implemented within a banking app.

It would seem Monzo have all the functionality with summary etc.

In my spreadsheet, things that aren’t included in “committed spending” such as shopping/diesel is put into another pot so I can budget that. I just want to be able to tell it that the prediction is wrong and fix it.

Yes they do and maybe the simplest answer of a manual adjustment is best.

For me, it’s kargely about credit card bills (which is mostly the food budget) with fuel and stuff being handled from pots (and now IFTTT integration for the complex stuff I’ve invented). Obviously I still need to track the card transactions themselves elsewhere.

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Any chance we can see Standing Orders that are due to go out tomorrow too? As they are set amounts for set dates I would assume this would be even easier to implement then the upcoming Direct Debits.


That would be super helpful. And I like the idea of being able to manually change the predicted amount for next month’s direct debit. Really helpful for credit cards but also where I know there’s going to be a variance.

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It would be nice if SOs (and salary!) could be managed in this way too but I would never assume anything about implementation simplicity!

In this case, were I going to assume, I’d guess that a matching SO implementation would require scanning the list of SOs to identify those for the appropriate date range. Not too difficult a concept but still more effort than ‘simply’ responding to a trigger from an external bank about a pending direct debit.

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