How we do product management in the financial difficulties space ❤️‍🩹

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My name is Carla and I’m a Product Manager at Monzo, working in the Borrowing Collective.
Alongside @JimboMonzo, we look after building processes and experiences to help and support our customers who face financial difficulties with their borrowing.

It’s a complex but rewarding space so we want to share how we go about that with you!

Please reach out if your curious to learn more or have any questions for us :smile:


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Thank you for this really interesting article - amongst many other important things, it’s reassuring to read of the team’s awareness of the morality of ‘lending’ and ‘profitability’ whilst maintaining a balance with striving for a ‘competitive edge’

A continuing education ‘black hole’ in the UK is what could loosely be termed ‘financial awareness’ and particularly around the issue of budgeting.

I think there is a real gap in the market in the UK for a fintech to grasp, to engage both the ‘education sector’ and young people to build robust financial planning etc.,

YNAB has a great series of YouTube videos ’ Heard It From Hannah’. However, although very good (and quirky) both the videos and YNAB itself are very US-centric.

A number of UK High Street Banks have in the past had ‘promotional drives’ aimed at schoolchildren but they were more about signing people up and hitting targets rather than providing long-lasting money skills.

Anyway, again thank you for the article. The very fact that Monzo staff engage with the Community like this is to be commended!


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