How to save money and the planet at the same time

Be kind to your wallet, and to the world :earth_africa:

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There are better (and cheaper) smart thermometers out there than Nest, which can’t do zonal control.


Think it’s worth throwing Rapanui into the mix for your clothes.

Responsible. Plastic free. Organic Cotton. Fully traceable and they’ll take the clothes item back when you’ve finished with it and recycle it for you, whilst giving you £5 credit towards the next one



You’ve never experienced comfort like it. They get softer with every wash and keep their shape even at highish wash temperatures and drying cycles.

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Learn basic DIY and repair/reuse instead of buying new. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need - think about what value that new item will add to your life, is it really necessary? Buy second hand where possible. Replace shorter car trips by walking/cycling.

Which one(s) would you recommend?

I’ve found Genius Hub really good. They have zonal control from their app, room occupy sensors (the room is only heated, an integration with IFTTT and it learns what times you’re usually in a room so it can pre heat the room just before you go in.

NB: Admittedly their app needs a bit of work, but it is slowly improving.

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They’re a new one to me - I got a demo system from Heatmiser when they were developing their apps - I hadn’t picked up on this as another Zonal system.

Tado is one a few of my friends use and highly recommend it


Recently sent my tado gear back, also raised several complaints with them all been handled terribly :tired_face:

Customer support with them doesn’t seem the greatest, mind you I haven’t had much luck with Hive either! With nest broken for everyone the other day it doesn’t make smart thermostats look very good!

Plastic is better for the environment than cardboard or paper, in terms of pollution and global warming potential (CO2e). It’s worth knowing that it’s very complicated to work out what’s best for the environment, and just doing something because it seems better doesn’t make it better. The most reliable way to help is to produce less demand - don’t bag your vegetables in anything, don’t produce more kids adopt instead, etc