How to post shares for sale on Wiki?

Hey there,

How do I post shares for sale on Wiki? It has a locked icon so don’t really know what do to…


Stop creating loads of topics repeating the same questions.

You were told in your original topic and your second topic how to do this. EDIT THE FIRST POST TO ADD YOUR DETAILS

If you can’t then you need to earn trust from the community. Get involved in discussions and you’ll soon “level up” to be given this ability.


No sweat. Cannot believe how brutal and complicated this all is when Monzo is all about ease and simplicity :smiley:

Trying to sell shares when they were sold to you as “not sellable” will always be difficult. That was the point behind Monzo permitting the investment - they were after investment money, not a grey market for share trading.

To correct some of your assumptions, you CAN sell through Crowdcube but only once the Monzo board has agreed that your reason for selling meets their definition of “exceptional circumstances”.

This has always been the case from day 1 and I haven’t heard that it’s changed recently so you shouldn’t advertise shares as saleable without this permission in place.

I don’t know how often Monzo has board meetings, but don’t expect a quick turn around on the permission front.


Thank you Feathers. I’m sorry, I’m new to all this and should’ve done my research before jumping in. If I “hold on” to my shares, which aren’t sellable, what’s the point? Surely at some point you’d want to get your money out?

Thanks again and sorry for all the silly questions.

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The point is that you’re taking a gamble that the value of the shares will grow to the point that Monzo floats on the stock market and the shares become tradeable (hopefully at a nice markup).

If they don’t grow sufficiently to float or, worse, they fold completely, then bye-bye investment money. You lose the gamble.

This is why there was all the advice about not investing money that you can’t afford to lose. It’s effectively stuck in Monzo unless they manage to be successful enough for a stock market listing.


Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the crash course haha. Seeing at how complicated it is to sell I’ll just hold onto them. Really appreciate the help!

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