How to maximise your Ratesetter rolling rate?

Some people are claiming the following in the 30 day rolling market on Ratesetter:

All my rolling money is invested at 6-8% and it seems to roll each month into a new one month loan at that same original rate. Thus I have a portfolio of rolling money that maintains a rate of 6-8%

How are they achieving this when the going rate is about 2.9-3.3% and rarely hits 4.0 or 4.1%?

It was probably luck. They invested when the market was short of money. Once you have a contract in the rolling market it stays with it each month until it’s finish so you keep the rate you got the contact for. Unlikely to be able to reinvest any new money at that rate. I am prepared to be proved wrong but have only managed 3.6% average in last 3 months in the rolling market. (5% in 1yr & 5.8% in 5yr)

It’s not luck if it happens every month.

I’m perfectly aware how matching on the market works which is why I’m asking how this is possible.