How to give back when you’re broke

Can you think of any other ways to give something back?

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Nice looking post, I look forward to reading it :smiley:

Does the URL slug have markdown in it mistakenly though? :wink:
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A few suggestions:

  • Join the Anthony Nolan registry for donating Stem Cells
  • Encourage your employer to set up a Payroll Giving program
  • Encourage your employer to organise volunteer days for teams of employees, many charities are open to this and it provides great team building value to the employer
  • Think about ways your employer’s offerings can be leveraged to benefit charitable causes at low cost, e.g: donating unused food, or providing reduced cost services.

A note regarding donating clothes:

Many of the home collection clothes donation companies do not donate clothes to your local charity shops. These organisations license branding from a charity and pay commission on the clothes they collect. The clothes are bundled up and sold by the ton in the developing world for pennies per kilogram, and the charity will often receive only a small portion of that, a single t-shirt can result in less than 1p going to the charity. Unless a collection service explicitly states that they are delivering to a local charity shop you should assume your clothes will end up being shipped overseas with the charity receiving pennies. You should deliver clothes directly to a charity shop if you want to be confident they will end up at a charity shop.


Had a quick read and the payroll giving really only seems beneficial to those paying more tax than 20% as you can’t claim gift aid which is 25% on top (unless I’m missing something?)