How to check your credit score and report

@cookywook Any news on integrating with the other CRAs? Will this be connected?


Hi @cookywook is this still on the roadmap and any timescales for seeing credit score in the app? Thanks


Any update on reporting to other CRA’s, I’ve failed bank account checks on numerous products.


I’ve given up chasing this, they’re happy to blog about credit scores for marketing purposes but don’t report them to everyone and don’t mention that in their blogs…


Do we need to actively use other current accounts in order to keep credit activities up to date? Apart from credit card usage of course.

How to get a credit report if I’m on the UK for less than 1 year. I’m always getting block due to that.

I don’t think you’d need to be in the UK for a whole year in order to start seeing your credit reports/scores. I think things start to show up anywhere between one to four months, with probably CallCredit/Transunion reports showing up first.

A tip if you’re trying Credit Club (Experian) and consistently failing verification although you know your data is 100% correct, and you’ve already had activity for a few months: create a new account with the same website using a different email address and see if that helps. This may also work for Clearscore (Equifax).

If you’re still unable to get verified, you can always request your statutory reports. This will not show you the CRA’s score but will give you all data reported that matches your name and address. The process with Experian is straightforward, not so much with Equifax.

Good luck!