How to ask for a pay rise (and how to spend it when you get one!)

How have you dealt with the awkwardness of asking for more money? (Maybe you don’t find it awkward at all!)

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I asked for a pay rise recently, wish this guide had have existed before doing so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s awkward with an intimidating boss… :sweat_smile: It didn’t end up resulting in anything more than “I’ll have a think about it” and that was it :no_mouth:

Still half chasing it now, it’s difficult though because I feel like I’m on the backfoot with stuff like this :see_no_evil: despite knowing that the job I do deserves more than minimum wage.

If they say no

I leave simple, I always ask when I know I could go to a job with more money then when I put that letter in they’d normally give me what I want but by then it is too late.


Payscale says


So I doubt I will get a pay rise anytime soon :joy_cat:

Woah, I’m the complete oppositeScreenshot_20190313-171132