How much time can pass between authorisation and presentment?

So almost three weeks ago now I paid for a hotel on my Amex card. The pending charge showed in Apple Wallet and it reduced my available credit limit.

A week passed by, and the pending transaction dropped off. And here I am, three weeks later, still not charged.

Is there a time limit merchants have on claiming their funds after which they can’t use my card details? Is there something I need to do to make sure I’m charged?

As much as I’d like to have stayed for free, I also know that one day they’ll likely come for the money and I’d rather that be sooner than later.

Should be 30 days max as far as I’m aware. There’s a period where they’re guaranteed the money (that’s when it shows as a pending charge and reduces the available balance), after that they can try and collect it for up to 30 days but it won’t be guaranteed that they can collect it any more as obviously the balance has been returned to you and you may have spent it elsewhere. If it hasn’t been collected after 30 days my understanding is they’d need you to re-authorise it.

So after 30 days I technically stayed for free? Is there a protocol for me to follow, or is it just “enjoy the free stay”?

They might ask you to pay again but I’m not sure what rights they have to force you to go through another card authorisation. After all it was them that didn’t collect the payment. I would imagine they’ll collect it within the next few days though.

They have 6 years to collect the payment if it’s all reversed. Very unlikely it’ll take this long though.

Have you completed your stay?

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Are you sure you weren’t meant to pay at the hotel? I’m never really sure whether I’ve paid or not

What does “if it’s all reversed” mean here? Do you mean reserved?

From previous experience implementing payment gateways, there’s definitely an expiry on when an authorisation can be collected and I’ve never heard of it being 6 years.

The auth can expire up to 30 days, but a merchant owed money has 6 years to claim it, take it up with Barclays staff training if it’s false :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I see, that’s more of a statutory limit for chasing a debt though right? I don’t think the card details will be usable without any customer interaction so they’d have to start sending letters to request payment I’d imagine. I’d be surprised if they didn’t charge the card in time and had to resort to that.

Thanks all! I definitely paid, got the receipt showing “authorised”. After some Googling, Nationwide says for debit cards it’s 120 days(?)

It must be similar, or longer, for Amex I’ll assume.

Huh, well that’s my new thing learned today, never heard of it being possible for that long before!

It’s 6 months still I think to present against the pending auth, although this might depend on their payment processor as I don’t think anything prevents them from sending a presentment through.

They have 6 years to collect the money, so if they have your card details then they can just create a new authorisation / charge any time (assuming the card is still active).

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120 days is a chargeback/disputes timeframe from the day goods received or due to be received.

Over a month later and my charge is still missing. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love some free money, but equally I don’t want to be met by the police next time I set foot in Italy. Do I raise with Amex? The hotel?

I think the chances of being double charged at this stage are small… and I do have a (photo of a) receipt showing “authorised” so can prove intent to pay.

Don’t raise it with anyone. The hotel won’t even notice at this point.

And there’s always the Ted Crilly excuse!

With the hotel.