How much in information should be presented to the user in the Monzo app?

There’s been some discussion on various threads about how much information Monzo should show in the app.

This conversation started with this post:

Still baffling when you keep bringing this up in topics and most people state that they don’t want or need that level of detail in their banking app?

The last time you asked a similar question (wanting MCC data in transactions iirc) someone from Monzo took the time to explain it to you then as well :thinking:

What’s relevant is what Monzo state to be their objectives for users. It’s not relevant what some people on a forum say.

In both cases, Monzo’s actually decisions prior to implementation ate at odds with their stated objectives.

In case it’s not abundantly clear, that’s the only thing I’m saying is baffling.

Genuine question. How does this minimise your financial empowerment? Maybe it’s just me but I honestly don’t understand why/how this is a problem. Not being arsy or provocative, I’m genuinely bemused.


Because out of the two options they chose the one that is least transparent and gives least info.

Again, nobody claimed this was a massive problem. The claim is very simple: Monzo have stated they want to empower users but have made a choice not to in this and other cases.

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In your opinion.

An opinion which doesn’t seem to be held by the Monzo employees who have responded to your suggestions.

No one here except you sees an incompatibility.


Sorry, this really isn’t a subjective matter.

Or are you genuinely claiming providing less information is somehow more empowering?

It’s entirely subjective, as the differences of opinion here prove.

I am saying that for the vast majority of Monzo users, information overload as you want would not empower, but confuse. Which is the policy Monzo has taken, as staff are repeatedly telling you.


I think this claim could be made and rationally defended.

I’m generally of the opinion that more information is better than less. But for info to be usable and able to be interpreted by the user then it needs to be presented in a way that is useful.

I think one could therefore rationally claim that throwing all the information in the app would make it more difficult to navigate, users would suffer from information overload and the efficacy of the app would go down because users are confronted with all the information.

Take, for example, the Dozens app. A common piece of feedback has been that the app is too busy.

The art of good service design is to balance complexity and usability. This is what Monzo is trying to achieve.

It’s an art, not a science. Subjective rather than objective. And, in my view, complementary rather than at odds to Monzo’s mission.


For me it boils down to the meaning of Transparency and Empowerment.

I don’t believe that it means I should see every possible piece of information that can be made available, in part because I have no use for it, nor would I know how to appropriately ‘action’ the info. (And if I can’t meaningfully action it, then by and large, I’m not empowered)

And the other part being the resource burden that ‘absolute transparency’ brings. I’d rather Monzo spend their focus on the stuff that genuinely empowers a broad range of users, not clogging the app up with minutiae.


I don’t think this is monzo mission they trying to make the best bank adding his is a bit much. They are all ready having issues with add the right and finding the right info on seller from where you buy in store and online.

Although they are trying to fix this as they have said but they got a lot on the plate right now I am sure with time they will fix all issues and if they can I sure they will listen to what the people what and of course test new features as they come available.

You’re not disempowered. And because only others (rather than you) have use for it doesn’t make it any less disempowering for the user base as a whole.

Clearly not as the strawman you are attacking was never suggested.

100% agree. This is not exactly a novel challenge in the world of UX.