How much cash you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

(Jonathon) #122

Sorry my point was that you said they should pay staff better and no tip will be needed - I was making the point that we never actually check what wages they are being paid - it might be sufficient enough to not need a service charge or tip to top it up.

If I paid my staff £100 an hour and no service charge was included I’ll bet most people would still tip regardless. Fact is we moved away from needing to tip with the minimum wage being introduced (why would we not tip some minimum wage roles but tip others).

Japan is a good example where they don’t have a tipping culture at all. Several Japanese restaurants in London actually refuse tips and say so on walls.

(Calum James) #123

:smile: It’s getting that way for decent lager (Peroni, Estrella) and decent pale ales up here in Yorkshire, but fortunately ales and bitters are still ~£3.50.

(Calum James) #124

Hahah! We’ll see if this approach is sustainable for me :smile:

(Mark Embling) #125

Ah yes I see what you’re saying. You’re right in that respect. I guess what I’m saying is that all parts need to be present (and yes the minimum wage does help) - proper payment for the staff and service charge included. The former because ethics, the latter because of clarity given the current expectation for tipping.

I do prefer the Japanese model… it’s just simpler and less awkward for everyone (which is common theme in Japanese culture). But I don’t think a change that radical is likely.

(Peter Shillito) #126

You mean pay an hourly rate you’re in the place, have a minimum order (drink and food item) and then get a Polaroid of you and the waitstaff together?

…what? :laughing:

(Hugh Wells) #127

I’ve checked - the last time I got cash out was the 5th May (I needed to break so I had coins for the air machines at a petrol station).

Before that it was December 2017.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #128

I live in London and I very, very rarely pay as much as £5 for a beer.

(Stephen Robinson) #129

My barber is the owner. I still tip because I think he deserves more per cut. :man_shrugging:

But I get what you’re saying overall, it’s too embedded in culture, and most employees won’t pay more if they don’t have to unfortunately.


I was making the point that we never actually check what wages they are being paid

My argument was that you shouldn’t tip at all (and I don’t), and let the market take care of the rest. If they pay decent wages then all is well, if not they’ll start raising them (as people quit for greener grass elsewhere) and compensating by higher prices or an automatic “service charge”.

(Jonathon) #131

With a minimum wage yes, I agree.

Without, I wouldn’t.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #132

You do realise that if you pay the service charge on a card, the restaurant is not obliged to give it to the staff? Staff aren’t allowed to tell you either, unless you explicitly ask.

I always ask, and some staff get quite embarrassed when they have to admit they don’t get all or part of it. In those places, I’ll refuse to pay the service charge. The owner of one recently then had the temerity to come over and ask me to pay again, and I had to ask him which part of the word “optional service charge” didn’t he understand.

Similarly, places which add a service charge and then also configure their card machines to ask if you want to leave a tip also get it taken off.

I agree, it’s weird we tip some jobs, and not others.


Making Monzo are surveying input on cash deposits… given Cash is a hot topic here make your contributions :ballot_box::

(Daniel White) #134

I’ve been as cashless as possible since I got my first Solo debit card and only withdrawing from an ATM literally as an when I needed it (been mugged a few too many times!)

Until recently, I 've only really got money out when I’m going ‘out’ (which is becoming more and more rare) however the last couple of times I’ve been ‘out’ everywhere I’ve been has taken cards and contactless so I’ve not even been doing that.


I find I always go out with cash still (as in the pub or a nightclub) but like you say everywhere takes card now, which means the spending data is more accurate.

However, my £1/£2 money tin isn’t seeing much actionbecause of this. I used to use a new note every time I went to the bar and not spend the change.

(Ben Bristow) #136

You can always set up a Monzo ‘Coin Jar’ (Just make a pot literally called Coin Jar).

Rounds up every purchase to the nearest pound and puts the excess in the pot automatically.

Collected £15 in the past two weeks.


Yeah I have Coin Jar setup. But I used to come back with £20 in change which would go straight into the tin. Coin Jar wouldn’t save that much on a night out.

(Ben Bristow) #138

True. I don’t think I’ve ever come with that much back though - your nights must be quite messy!


Not messy, just I don’t spend the change, I use a new note every time I pay.

(Ben Bristow) #140

Ah. I’m guilty of the same. Scrambling for cash is a nightmare. That’s why I usually lean for my card if there’s an option.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #141

You’re not doing nights out correctly. :beers: