How much cash you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

(Calum James) #102

That’s my biggest issue!

Why don’t Monzo allow us to split our ATM transactions into multiple transactions under different categories and hash tags? That would make sense and there are ways it could be implemented that would be usable and not confusing to users.

(Marcel Ruhf) #103

Thing is, I don’t think any bank wants to invest money in helping you budget with cash since ATM withdrawals cost them money, whereas payments at pointe of sale earns them money. So doing this would lead to more revenue loss for them.


I think splitting transactions would be really useful, and not just for cash. You could build towards having what are effectively receipts in Monzo, for instance.

I had a go at mocking up what it might look like in the link in this thread. I’ll see if I can dig out the image and post it directly here tomorrow…

I get this as an argument - but if there is general merit in splitting all different sorts of transactions it might become a thing…

(Calum James) #105

Ahhh. That makes sense! I’d rather society be more cashless anyway, so I guess Monzo not helping us manage our ATM transactions aids that as well.

(Calum James) #106

That’s true. At the moment I actually split my shopping into different transactions at the till, so I can tag them with different things (e.g. I want to know how much I’m spending on beer, to see if I should cut down, but I can’t tag my entire grocery shopping with the #beer tag because it wouldn’t be accurate).

It’s easier to do that at the self-service tills, but fortunately human checkout staff haven’t looked at me weirdly when I’ve asked if some items can go through on a separate transaction :smile:

Being able to split transactions would be great when part of the transaction involves spending money on other people (e.g. when buying a round). I’d like to know how much money I’m spending on rounds for people or things for people in general, but if I buy a round and tag that transaction as #gift, it’s not completely accurate because one of those beers was for me. That distorts the data quite significantly when I’d like to see how much I’m spending on other people for the whole year because many, many of my own pints will have been included in those #gift transactions, meaning I don’t really know quite how much I’m spending on other people. I could introduce a #round hashtag, see how many transactions are underneath it, and minus £5 for each, taking that total away from the total amount underneath the #gift hashtag, but that’s nowhere near as automatic or as accurate as I’d like.

If @MRMR’s suggestion as to why Monzo don’t allow us to manage our ATM transactions is correct, perhaps Monzo could allow us to split out all card payment transactions apart from ATM transactions.


My instinct is that Monzo just hasn’t considered transaction splitting yet, rather than ruled it out on ATM cost grounds (that said, I suspect that the new functionality to clean up the coin jar feed will go some way to providing the foundation for it).

If Monzo did introduce it for everything but ATMs, it just wouldn’t seem very “Monzo” to me - I think I’d be more disappointed than angry if they intentionally hobbled functionality that way. I’d hope they’d never consider doing it as I think there are probably better, more direct, ways of dealing with the ATM issue.


Here’s the mockup I did from the other thread - it’s a bit whacky in places (a better explanation in the link) - but I’d see an option to breakdown a transaction, either automatically (as in the Lidl transaction, where the receipt for two purchases is coming through), or manually (as seen in swiping left on the McDonald’s transaction and revealing a “Breakdown” option). You’d then be able to add tags, categories etc by different parts of the overall transaction.

I think it’d be cool and a winner. Particularly if Monzo could lead the development of an open standard to pass receipt details through to banks as part of a transaction.

(Emma (still not the app)) #109

That’s an aggressive savings account message :astonished:


It’s tough love, obvs.

(Yes, it is, isn’t it! :scream:)


I aim to be cashless but it’s not always doable. School fete at the weekend meant I had to get some cash out. I should get used to carrying some change again because I always end up disappointing the children because they can’t go on something or have an ice cream because I don’t have cash on me. There is an ice cream van round here that takes card, only one though.

(Jonathon) #112

I would love to see you in a bar:

“One beer good sir”
“Over £5 on card only mate”
“Well, since you do not support my preferred method of payment, make that one tap water sir”

Friends slowly distance themselves from you

(Richard) #113

You obviously don’t live in London. 1 beer will almost certainly be over £5 :slight_smile:

(Stephen Robinson) #114

They would likely less tips. Usually if my haircut is £9 I just give in a £10 note and say keep the change. I don’t like carrying cash so it works for me. If it was cards I would bet a lot of people wouldn’t think about telling th m or charge £10 instead of £9 to a card.

(Mark Embling) #115

For stuff like that, couldn’t they set their card machines with an option for tipping like in a restaurant?

(Stephen Robinson) #116

They could, but I wonder how aware they are that this is possible. I’ve seen it in restaurants but it’s still like 1 in 10 from my experience.

(Simmy) #117

I’m slowly but surely going cashless thanks to Monzo, but i usually keep a little on me just in case.


Maybe the solution is to pay good wages so that tips become irrelevant? If they want it it’s up to them to include it in the price (which restaurants usually do it automatically as a “service charge” and I’m fine with that).

(Mark Embling) #119

Yes I prefer this approach as well. I don’t enjoy the tipping culture which exists here and in the states and would much rather more restaurants (and anywhere else this applies) just charge a bit more so their staff are looked after. On average, they’ll give better service anyway that way, I’m sure.

(Jonathon) #120

But you don’t necessarily know the waiter’s wages and yet we still tip. I used to bartend at a place that paid waiting staff £12.80 p/hour (and this was back in 2011) and people would still leave a tip. The restaurant couldn’t do anything more really. It’s a cultural thing.

(Mark Embling) #121

We always check the bill to see if the service charge is included and only tip if we feel obliged to - that is, if there is no included service charge (and as you say, in that instance culturally) we feel obliged. My point is though that the restaurant can do more - and it’s not hard - just include the service charge and make it clear.