How much cash you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

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(Simon Riddle) #284

I don’t carry cash at all - for things like parking, I used apps like RingGo.

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(Kate 🌈) #285

I usually carry some. I use the change for parking, and some shops I use that won’t take card payments under £5.

(Dan) #286

I hate the idea of being made to pay more just because we want to be cashless. Fortunately my local council has card payment machines throughout the town, so I never have to pay parking agencies any ‘administration fees’ for making a payment by card.

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(Peter Shillito) #287

A few thoughts on recent posts:

  1. Cheshire East have implemented RingGo across all car parks and (and this is the important bit) absorb the processing fees, so you pay the same on mobile as you do in cash. They’ve also been rolling out machines that take card too, so that might change.

  2. I use cash for market stalls as most don’t have card, and even when they do the machine isn’t always functional (at Whichurch Makers Market last weekend, the iZettle card machine wasn’t working at a stall I’ve used card at a couple of times before).

  3. Really small clubs are cash only just because walking around asking for £2 is easy and costs nothing.

(Kolok) #288

I rarely carry cash, unless I know somewhere I’m going has a chance of being cash only.

There are some outlets in Merry Hill’s Food Corner who are cash only, for example.

(Michael) #290

“Independent” seems to be the new go to word for such things

Happened again with this week’s Access To Cash report that was funded by LINK, but “independent”

Would like to think journalists are clever enough to see through such things, but does that make them cowed?

Independent and impartial are totally separate things

Pet peeve these days…


This week’s MSE poll is relevant to this thread. It’s only just been released for responses but over the course of several days these polls tend to attract around 10,000 responses

(James Blackwell) #292

I nearly always carry some cash usually a bit of change and a small note just in case I need it and inevitably I will do at some point in the week.
And if I’m on a night out drinking I like to take cash and leave the card at home as I know how much I have to spend the and font just keep zapping the plastic.


I hate using cash, and was quite pleased when the restaurant I ate in last night had signs everywhere saying “cash not accepted. Cards only”. This was in Eindhoven.

However, I then went to the supermarket to find they don’t accept Visa, MasterCard or Amex. As per my comment on another thread, they only accept Maestro. Cash was my saviour that time.

In the UK I pretty much only use cash to pay the barber. I literally withdraw it from the ATM next to his shop and then give it straight to him.

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(Oli Braithwaite) #294

I would say I have been cashless for about a year and a half. I do everything I can to not use cash, this has become more apparent since moving to Monzo in October as I like to know the amount on the summary page is the amount I have left for the end of the month.

There is a place near work we sometimes go for lunch and colleagues will sub me the money as it’s a market stall and then before they have even paid I have transferred them the money.

I honestly can’t remember the last times I paid for something with my physical card monzo or otherwise.

I believe there is no excuse that business no matter how small should not be taking card in 2019 and minimum spends are a joke. Given the amount of solutions out there from World Pay to iPad payment solutions it’s crazy to not card payments. As Monzo have already made clear to process, carry and move cash costs money so the charge you’ll get from an payment gateway, acquirer and processer is minimal in the long run.

(Justin) #295

I usually carry around a tenner in my wallet, but it rarely gets used. The only times I tend to use cash in London are for haircuts, buying food from a market, or at the occasional music venue (like Fabric) whose minimum card payment is £15. Also to pay for odd jobs (in the garden) or tips in restaurants.

Outside of day-to-day life, I tend to carry £1-200 with me while on holiday - usually backpacking somewhere in Asia.

Also at music festivals, where many of the merchants take only cash.

While I prefer not to use cash, I would be concerned if it were phased out altogether. I do feel this would have implications over our privacy.

Not carrying loose change is quite convenient, but I feel for homeless people, who are far less likely to be able to pull together a few quid as a result.

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People often comment that I’m like the Queen - in that I don’t carry my own change, not that I’m a small old lady who loves a good hat

I hate carrying cash. I only draw money out once a month for a haircut (my hairdresser has a £20 minimum for card use - which mine is well under).

I’d say I’ve been cashless ever since contactless came out, it’s just so easy!

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #297

You could always get you hair cut twice in one visit. You’d only need to go once every two months.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #298

Or go old school and offer a trade.

Haircut for bread or something? :baguette_bread: :laughing:

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(James Blackwell) #299

I live in a rural area and buy eggs, milk, cheese, and a lot of my meat direct from the producer usually a small holder. so always pay cash to them there are not many people with small holdings who are using chip and pin or bank transfer as payments for produce. Also the small shops card reader often doesn’t work and the pub is the same. I still know plenty of farmers who use only cash and don’t even have bank accounts.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #300

I never understand it when businesses get stuck in their old ways and don’t entertain the idea of new things. Have they lost their drive or hunger to expand and dominate the world?

I’m sure that it would help the business if they accepted cards and would make their accounting so much easier to name a few.

I’m forever hearing “it’s always worked for us this way”. This means standing still and not adapting to the market, which is very dangerous for a business.


I only really get cash out when a play either doesn’t take card or has a minimum spend

Haircuts and pubs are the two places that don’t take card that I use


I know where I live, they say this because they don’t understand how these things work. They still believe online payments are all going to result in fraud etc but also, moving away from cash etc in their minds is an increased risk and sometimes will increase the costs they have to pay (often why they have minimum card charges) and whilst customers don’t complain because of certain demographics, they wont change.