How much cash you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

(Jack) #222

I’d love to go walletless but I don’t feel like I’m quite ready. Not sure why though as I can’t remeber the last time I was required to use card :face_with_monocle:

Are there not plans to create a digital driving licence?


(Kyle Risi) #223

I wish they would hurry up. Ha ha


Out of interest, what do you use ID for? Or, put another way, why do you need to carry it with you?

(Kyle Risi) #225

:grinning:, good point, up until this point since going walletless I have only needed my identity card a couple of times when buying alcohol or getting into a club. But to be honest they still sold me the booze and let me in after I said I didn’t carry any ID. But piece of mind it would be good to have ID on me.

(Lebert) #226

Day to day I don’t have any cash on me except some change in my work bag. I use both Android and IOS yet I don’t use either Google Pay or Apple Pay. Wallet for the essential debit / credit cards and ID.


I use a picture of my passport stored on my phone for this - they all seem to accept it fine.

(Ben Bristow) #228

Some people might need the receipt if they’re claiming expenses though

(Ben Bristow) #229

ID is always useful to carry if the wind blows you into a pub or a club


Energy drinks! Pita getting ID’D for them now!

(Matthew Hornby) #231

The woman who sits next to me at work told me the other way round story the other day. Her dad doesn’t trust banks, so all his pension gets or wages when he worked got withdrawn as cash, which goes in a big box in the loft! :dizzy_face:

(Brian Hunter) #232

That’s the kind of thing that the woman who sits next to you at work really shouldn’t be sharing!


How many of these notes are now out of circulation? :slight_smile:


Funny you say that, a friend of mine gets paid weekly and will go to the bank on Saturday to withdraw all his wages.



Is putting ‘polite notice’ the new grocer’s apostrophe?

Either the notice is polite and the wording will reflect that or it’s not and claiming it is just BS.

(Dan) #237

The BBC reports on this issue, claiming millions will suffer without cash.

My elderly neighbour who has since suffered a serious stroke was conned out of money after men knocked on her door offering gardening services. Cash was used to pay for the service but there was no attempt to carry out the service and the men were not seen again. This is probably one out of hundreds of thousands of cases across the UK. Millions are already suffering because of cash.

Also my nearest Barclays Bank only has staff available for business banking/appointments. It’s gotten a lot harder to deposit cash to a high street bank like Barclays, who force you to use their machines, which are nearly always broken down, resulting in long queues.

I say good riddance to dirty cash. Notwithstanding cybercrime, I can see how there would be less victims in society as a result of becoming cashless.



BBC: Millions ‘will suffer without cash’.

(Ben ) #240

Saw this news story this morning:

What do you reckon? Will we ever become a mostly cashless society?

What do you think about the points highlighted in the report that argues cash is important:

  • Struggles in rural communities where alternative ways of paying would be affected by poor broadband or mobile connectivity
  • Difficulties for some people with physical or mental health problems who find it hard to use digital services
  • Rising debt levels, owing to budgeting being easier with cash
  • Lost independence for those who use cash as a lifeline when in difficult or abusive relationships
  • Higher prices for those who are unable to benefit from online services or direct debits

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t see this topic when I posted the above.

(Richard) #241

Not really an issue… shop I used to work in used Dial up before broadband was brought into town.


The only things I need cash for now are my hairdresser (and I really want them to go for something like an iZettle or Square reader, so they can be crossed off the list — I might mention this next time I’m in for a trim) and when I need to chuck a few quid towards an office dress-down. Everything else — from groceries to the sweet shop — is by card, and usually by Apple Pay, for me.

I’m sure for a lot of people it’s “easier” to budget by cash, but personally I “piggybank” — some money (and some bills) go out of each of my accounts. Monzo has really helped, because with Summary I know how much I actually have to spend when all the bills and recurring debit card payments are handled — like I would do with cash being in front of me or in my wallet, basically.