How much cash you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?


Has anyone noticed that the self checkout machines seem to have got more paranoid recently? I used one in Sainsbury’s the other day that complained about every other scan, even the assistant looking after the tills rolled her eyes!

(Michael) #203

I want to see Tesco use the fact that I scan my Clubcard (or Sainsbury with Nectar card), to take my email address & email me my receipt automatically.

None of this printed receipt malarkey.

I bet you after people have moved away from single use plastics, things like receipts will be next on the list to eradicate.

The issue with digital receipts is the friction of asking for someone’s email address at the till etc.


This is where flux could be really good if they were to move outside their very London centric partners. If they managed to get one supermarket involved then it would become a nationwide product extremely quickly and then lead to the eradication of paper receipts


Don’t want this thread to become self checkout feedback but has anyone used ASDA ones recently. I happened to be near ASDA few days ago and saw that all their self checkouts had small CCTV screens on top of them,
I know there are CCTV everywhere in these supermarkets but it was just bizarre to see every checkout with it’s own CCTV with a display on each unit.


Yeah, the asda ones are made by Wincor (who mainly make cashpoints), its become a standard feature in all their epos hardware!

(Im not a till geek btw, just was my full time job for too long looking after all the epos hardware for co-op food stores!!)


It’s to help investigate card fraud by having a camera record the face of potential fraudsters; it’s relatively easy to shield your face from overhead cameras but much harder to hide it (in a non-suspicious way) from a camera looking straight at you.


Don’t give up your cash yet. After Visa, Mastercard, various payment processors and FasterPayment outages, today we have Natwest debit cards being refused for payments. Go cashless at your own risk :joy::joy:


So much for legacy banks being apparently more reliable… :joy:

@NatWest_Help really not happy with #Natwest This morning my card was declined even though I had sufficient funds. I spent 45 mins on on phone for someone to tell me it is national issue costing me money and waste of my lunch break and embarrassed.

Not to mention that taking 45 minutes just to be able to tell the customer there is an outage is criminal. I mean surely they must have health checks and alerts when their legacy garbage dies?

(Simmy) #210

I think it depends where you live, in a big city you can get by cashless. But in my town i usually spend £10 per week with cash for the bus, petrol money for carer and haircuts

(Richard) #211

What a time to be alive…


I wish Scotstoun would do this!

(Richard) #213

Wish Murrayfield would do it… would save me having to check each cash machine on the way to games!! :smiley:


I don’t tend to have too much cash on me, I try to keep it low to about £15 which is enough for parking, a Burger King before I watch a film or if I want something from the vending machines at work.

How do I feel about going cashless ?

I’d rather not as some business will still need cash. I play pool about once a month and they take cash, they may take cards but I’ve never asked and not sure I want to risk it.



“When you realize handling cash is actually more expensive than card processing fees”


The caption at the top is so wrong. I’ve seen quite a few shops stop handling cash lately, vodafone being the main one. Banks on the highstreet will soon be a thing of the past.


I think this is from someone living in New Zealand.

(Gordon Dack) #219

Never carry any cash these days, everything I need to but can be done with contactless or online :slight_smile:

(Jack) #220

There was a programme on ITV featuring shops in a town that only took cash. They all decided to get an izettle / SumUp card reader.
Their sales increased 20-30% just because they now accepted card.

Thought it was interesting.

(Kyle Risi) #221

I have been cashless for a few years now :call_me_hand:. And this year after loosing my wallet I am going walletless too.

Most transactions are under £30 so my phone takes care of those. I drive most places so I keep a curve card under my sun visor in my car which gives me access to all my accounts for bigger spending.

All I need now to seal this new walletless way of life is a digital ID card. :pray: