How much cash you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

(Dan) #182

they’re obviously not using Monzo :yum:


I don’t carry a lot of cash, just enough to get me home in case of sudden financial Armageddon. Having said that, there are still places where I need to use cash and it makes me end up with pocket full of coins.

I am not really good at spending them, so for the past year, I have been using TFL ticket machines to top up PAYG balance on my Oyster card with leftover coins. The only issue is that they don’t accept 1p and 2p pieces :neutral_face:


I was given the great tip on here that you can put your spare change into a self service checkout at the supermarket and then use your bank card to pay the difference! Love it!


Great tip! What supermarkets are we talking?

(Marcel Ruhf) #186

I know the Co-op does it. Whenever I have spare change and need to buy some groceries, I do this.


Certainly Tesco and Sainsbury’s :blush:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #188

The self service machines at my local Co-Op are card only.

But it’s a great idea!


Most self scans. Tesco did retrofit their self scans from the bulk hoppers to single coin slots but it’s just a bit of plastic on top of the hopper so you can still funnel coins in it!

(Marcel Ruhf) #190

I’ve never used the self-service machines as I prefer the personal touch offered by manned checkouts.


I carry no more than a tenner normally and, even then, have found it pretty useless when you come across a Pay & Display car park machine that only takes coins. End up paying small surcharge for phone and pay. However, despite being annoying, 20p is not the end of the world for me.

I am finding more and more contactless pay machines at car parks though, so situation is improving :slight_smile:


Slightly off-topic but the last year (?) software update to Sainsbury’s self-service checkouts made them extremely annoying to use. UI is not intuitive and they run with massive lag. I always opt for manned checkouts there for that reason.

(Simmy) #193

Pretty much cashless, I only use cash for; Haircuts and paying Petrol Money to my carer.

(Matt ) #194

Yep I can’t stand the Sainsbury’s machines


What have they done to them? They worked fine before that silly software update…:tired_face:


I used to support the co op self service tills, they were the worst things I ever touched. Sainsbury’s wins in that battle.

Someone found a glitch in the the self service tills once that if you scanned a Mars bar twice you got staff discount…

(Jack) #197

I find it annoying they still print out paper vouchers for you every time you use the tills :rage: just stick it on the receipt or something.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #198

I like the self service tills because I can put everything through at my own pace, and not the pace of someone who has a queue to deal with.

I know what you mean, though.


I found that all self-checkout software absolutely sucks. Even the “best” ones (which for me are Tesco’s) are still years behind what you’d expect when you see how much computers & phones have evolved. It’s not even a hardware resources issue - newer machines are computers with multi-core processors and more than enough RAM - it’s just that the software is outsourced to awful legacy companies.


Although Sainsbury’s do now ask if you want a receipt to be printed.

(Jack) #201

About time, I don’t want a receipt for my bottle of water. Not like I’m going to drive all the way back to return it.

I like that Sainsbury’s print both sides though, that saves paper.