How much cash do you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

For work I have anywhere between £100 and £2000+ when at home.

Many many places outside the UK (even within the EU) it’s impossible to go a day without using cash.




It is like a dual currency system at the moment. Some places are cash only, others are card only. I think going forward it should be pretty much mandated that any business must take card payments (think of the cost and environmental benefits of this) and cash should be optional. Here’s an interesting pic I took at the weekend, a beer truck at a festival that was card only.

I think this is the future whether we are ready for it or not.


Those prices though :scream:

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Worth every penny :beers:

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It does make me want a beer :laughing: but being a Northerner I’m glad I only pay half the price of that :open_mouth:


I would say shocking prices as normally I’d only pay half that price, however I’m currently in iceland and was paying £9+ a pint at the weekend.

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I’m 100% cashless, have been for 2 years.

I’ve been known to walk away from a transaction in a shop if the items I’m buying is below “their minimum card limit”. It’s not my limit, nor my bank’s limit… it’s their fault.


I’m 99% cashless… I only really lift cash to get haircuts - they don’t accept card.

The only other time I lift cash is for nights out - but even then I find I use my card more and more now. God bless the Wetherspoons app, am I right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The first time I used that was like some sort of religious experience. My drink magically appeared before the other guys even got served!


It truly is a blessing.

…apart from the one time I ordered to the wrong pub, waited like an hour then went up and complained… only to realise I had ordered to table 12 in a pub 20miles away. Some guy must have been pleasantly surprised when some free drinks arrived :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve no doubt replied to this post but I can’t remember! lol.

Im 99.9% cashless it’s only my barbers that I need to pay cash. :sunglasses:

Come on. You can be tongue in cheek but you full know it’s not possible in much of the world.

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Doesn’t mean I don’t think that we should go cashless or try to be.
Most of the places I go - I can be cashless.

Plus also, I tend to avoid places that are cash based, even in this country. Heck I even avoided places that didn’t accept mobile payments


Same here.

If a shop says “sorry cash only” there is no way I’d wander off half way across town in search for a cash machine, to withdraw more than I probably need, to then return later.

Even worse in a town or city I’m not familiar with and with the continual decline of free cash machines.

I’d just use a merchant that is more considerate and happy to accept modern payment methods :slight_smile:


Exactly! :smiley:


Cashless unless I go to my barbers. Sure I could find a barber that takes cards but like most people, your barber is your barber. Nobody else will do your hair the same. He has little incentive to accept cards as 1) Nobody asks to use card, probably assume he doesn’t. 2) Knowing a few barbers he would make much less in tips if he did.

I do avoid convenience stores that are cash only though. The barbers is a once a month thing so I always have that money in my wallet as it’s planned. If I need something from the shop that can be at any point in the day, so I’ll go to whoever accepts cards. Retail has no excuse honestly, the increase in sales would far out-way any costs. I’ll go as far as paying more in a different store if I can use a card, because if I get £10 out to buy something for £1 I’ll no doubt spend the rest on things I don’t need. If my tiny independent local store with one employee (the owner) can afford to it, any shop can. The only real reason I can see some not having one is tax evasion.

It’s interesting how many go on about the cost to businesses about dealing in cash. This article today suggests it’s far cheaper.

In terms of the main question of this topic, I am probably 95% cashless. Car parking is my main cash need these days.

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I had to go to Winchester for a business meeting the other week. Good job I arrived early - the park and ride there only took coins. Nearly shat myself when I found that out. Luckily, I realised I still had time to drive to the nearest garage to see if it had a cash machine (it did) and sort myself out with some change (and a bottle of water I didn’t really need, but, eh).

Needless to say, I’ve seeded the ashtray* with a buttload of coins for crap car parks now.

*I don’t smoke, so it’s the most convenient place.