How much cash do you carry on you and how do you feel about going cashless?

Luckily most carparks around where I live accept contactless now, either that or the annoying phone and pay via the automated assistant.
Recently on holiday in Cornwall I noticed a lot of council run carparks use JustPark app as a method of payment which was great! you could even extend your stay from within the app.


Interesting. Here, everything is cash only. A local shopping centre “recently” installed new payment machines with card readers, but the readers are always out of order…

(and I’m not exaggerating when I say “always”!)


Almost all the parking can be paid via one or other app in London. Annoyingly most councils and car park operators use separate apps so I have an app for all the required areas



Stuff like that frustrates me

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Most of those apps charge a card fee (oops, sorry, “convenience fee”), though, don’t they?

That’s an impressive screenshot… Is there ever a time where you’re not on the move?:grinning:


Work takes me to places I rather not be :sweat_smile:


The only time I regret not having cash is when I’m rummaging around for a trolley coin! I have to resort to the old ‘carrying 2 baskets’ shopping technique :expressionless:

You should get a trolley token for your keys :ok_hand:

I avoid cash if I can because then I forget what I spend it on. Easier for me to track if I don’t use cash.


You can buy trolley tokens (shaped like a £1 coin) from various charities.

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I have the old £1 coin one but might use some of my Yeo Valley tokens (been collecting the yoghurt pot lids and their codes!) to get a new style one for free!

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I’ve withdrawn cash on precisely two occasions in the last 8 months. Both were for street events - a street food event here in Birmingham and a clothes/food/art market on Fairfax in Los Angeles outside Fairfax High School.

So that shows how often I need cash! I dislike carrying it, and I use a card holder wallet so have nowhere to hold it really.



I hate cash. The only place I use it now is the barbers. I tend to keep a bit around for that, other than that it’s deposited into the bank.


Seems most hairdressers :haircut_woman: / barbers :barber: need some motivation to start taking card payments.

I wonder why they are so hesitant though…


I withdraw about £20 in cash per week, unless I have big plans and take out more. I live in a northern town where cashless outside of supermarkets or national retailers is only starting to catch on. Therefore, outside these I generally pay for things in cash. I am using less cash though as independents upgrade.

Yes, that certainly a taxing question…


Usually take out £20 and only use it when I need to. When the notes run out I get another £20. For instance I bought a Subway breakfast this morning, but card payments were broken, so it was handy.

I use card 99% of the time though.

I was at Borough Market last weekend with my sister and forgot cash but fortunately all the stalls I went to accepted cards which was lovely. Hurrah for Wyndham House’s chicken burgers.

To be fair, I visit salon type places which cost quite a bit, rather than barbers. I can see why places which only charge a few quid might not want to take cards, but when they’re charging ladies £65 or beyond and men at least £30-ish or beyond then taking cards may be a necessity.

You may over £30 for a short back and sides?