How many songs in your music collection?

I’m on 1113 ( iTunes ) been slowly but surely collecting single songs that i like, rather than buying whole albums when theres only a few good ones

19112 according to Plex, but I stopped adding once I got spotify

Deleted everything when I moved to Spotify, think it might still be in a cloud somewhere!

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I did have around 300 in my iTunes, although this library has been neglected for many years now.
Since the start of this year I use Apple Music and just create playlists.

I’m so bad with this music malark. I have 287 songs on Apple Music :grimacing:

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636 in iTunes now - used to be much more before switching to Spotify

Around 40 million (Apple Music)!

Of my own music, I have something like 9000 songs. Even though I pay for streaming I still buy a lot of music!

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Trying to count the number of songs in my Spotify library… I expect I’m not too far off that number!

Before I used my Spotify I had around 14000 songs if not more, I’m not exactly sure how much I have on my Spotify lol.

Pretty much none, I get by with the Spotify radios and playlists.

I did have 30k+ at one point. Not sure now, I had a big clearout a few years ago.