How many bank cards do you have?

In my wallet:
Monzo Debit - I really want Monzo to launch a Credit Card although I have a feeling they wouldn’t accept me anyways based off of their current requirements for an overdraft or loan
Starling Debit - Only use this to accept incoming international transfers
Vanquis Credit Card - Has a ridiculously high APR but oh well :frowning:
Aqua Credit Card - Much better APR but no contactless even though it’s 2019 :rofl:

Used to be in my wallet:
Transferwise Debit - Almost never used it and just disliked the way Transferwise treated me and their service.
HSBC Debit - I used it as my main current account for a while until I found about Monzo and switched over because HSBC treated me badly and their products were overpriced.
Santander Debit - Similar story with Santander except their staff were super nice. My only real problem with them was just their products were overpriced.

Debit cards:

Monzo - Main account
Nationwide Flex Direct - open for access to Nationwide Saver account
Santander Graduate - use for the interest
Natwest - switching account

Credit cards:
Barclaycard - 0% purchases

Just these

Monzo, Lloyds & N26

Monzo, starling, N26, Barclays and nationwide. As well as MBNA.

Here’s a question: I see quite a few people have TransferWise borderless accounts. I signed up and got the card, but I can’t think of a use case.

I’d have to pay a (small) fee to convert from GBP into foreign currency. And then I’d have to pay a usage fee on the card if it’s not in a supported country/currency.

So would I ever pick the bright green card over my Monzo card?

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Only got Monzo as my main account and wouldn’t look back. I closed my legacy Halifax Ultimate Reward down, used none of the benefits and the general service was shocking IMO.

Got the curve blue card which I rarely use.

The Amex BA premium plus card for the 241 voucher which I put work expenses on so generally always get the voucher.

Amex Platinum charge card for the benefits and day to day spend. Generally have to use this card to pay to get the benefits for holidays and the travel insurance etc.

Barclaycard 0% interest on purchases for 30 months which I use for larger purchases I don’t plan or can’t pay off in full each month. Both Amex card are always paid in full each month.

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Likely not.

I’ve had one for quite some time now, and don’t use it at all now.

It’s good if you want to lock in a rate at current values, I guess.

I’d say it’s main use is for those who are both paid and spend in more than one currency. They could find that they pay less (or no) exchange fees.


I have Monzo, which I use for my main spending and DDs, and then a Nationwide FlexPlus, which I use for the benefits, and to have my salary paid into. IBAN support, please!

Barclays (main)
Monzo (secondary)
Santander (joint)
American Express (cashback, most spending)

Monzo (Main)
Dozens(For savings when they release stuff)
John Lewis partnership card(Credit Card)

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Slight update for me:

In Wallet:
Monzo (main)
Dozens (for savings and backup)
Capital One (credit card)

Might replace dozens with startling when I get it.

Current account (bills and cash): Monzo

Credit cards (all card spend)
Domestic: Virgin Atlantic
Foreign: Tandem

Out of interest, why were you paying for it if you used none of the benefits?

I have 2 cards RBS visa debit and monzo MasterCard debit.
I use my monzo for general day to day spent a like getting a coffee of some food or the odd fuel fill up and my RBS is my main account at the moment. However this my change to bring monzo as a main account soon once I’ve found my feet with it.

Got it years before and found year on year I used the benefits less and less until I used none of them at all once I cancelled my fee free overdraft and got the Amex Platinum with the travel insurance.

Only thing I do wish Monzo had is the breakdown cover for “just in case” scenarios.

I used Monzo fully for a month before transferring DDs over and found the budgeting tools really helpful.

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I am Full Monzo so only have my Hot Coral card. :monzo:
Closed my legacy account (Lloyds) a few months ago.

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Blimey, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I have about 12 current accounts. At first the incentive was to stack the monthly savers and collect the sign up awards, but they’ve come in very useful for arbitrage activities. Some of them have been sacrificed to gain switch rewards from other banks.

Prepaid cards - dozens, literally (but not Dozens, yet). A few that were useful that no longer exist;

Post Office Money Card
Supercard (Travelex)
Supercard (Tuxedo)
Talkhome Cat Card
The Range

Very, very many others that do have their uses. I’ve had so many, including probably all of Monzo’s competitors big and small that I should probably start reviewing them. There is a method to which cards I try out - I don’t waste any time with the ripoff products that charge extortionate amounts to top up or undertake transactions. The first thing I check when coming across a new product is the fees table.

Credit cards - loads. At one point I had £80k “slow stoozed” out on 0% purchases cards but it has all been paid back. I have pretty much all of the useful airline and hotel scheme credit cards. Amex genuinely enhances one’s travels. Never once paid a penny of interest for carrying a balance.

Prepaid gift/non reloadable Visa/MC cards - been through well over a thousand :no_mouth:

Metro Bank
Transferwise Borderless
Post Office CC (0% on purchases until August 2020 and 0% FX Fees)

I used to have a Lloyds account but recently CASSed this into my Metro Bank. I find it’s app experience somewhere between legacy and challenger — does anyone have information on this?

The Post Office app on the other hand is AWFUL, I use YOLT to track spending. Hopefully they improve, otherwise i’ll be switching once that 0% purchases period is up.