How long is my invite valid for?

Just had an email.offering me to join the current account :smiley: yay!

However I’m just partway through getting a new mortgage so don’t want a new application for a current account popping up.

Will I be able to click the link and accept in a few weeks time?


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There was no search on Experian for me when I signed up.

I can check Clearscore (who use equifax) in 9 days…

I think Monzo said that there won’t be any credit checks unless you explicitly apply for an overdraft, so you should be fine.

This is correct, there are no credit checks involved as there is no overdraft available at the moment.

Thanks for the replies guys, will give it a go :slight_smile: just was a bit concerned if they see me opening too many accounts and it flags up (got a starling account other week, not using it tho)

Clearscore has only this in soft searches, this is KYC check from Monzo when I was getting current account:


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