How long does it normally take to receive a card?

How long does it normally take to receive a card on a new account. I opened a new account on the 5th of December.

Normally quicker than this even accounting for delays with royal mail. Might be worth waiting another couple of days before ordering another incase the original turns up.


Isn’t there a timeframe in your app? If it’s outside that, there should be a button to order a replacement.

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All the app says on my new account is activate card
That’s it nothing else
Sorry just reopened the app and you’re right it says reorder card. Just reordered it and it said it will be here within two working days.Thanks

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Oh dear. Well I did open up the app. And it did say if you have not received your card after the expected time Reapply So I reapplied. Sorry about that!

It does not help when incompetent Royal Mail staff cannot scan and sort parcels correctly.

Sent a parcel from Birmingham to Cornwall, thankfully tracked, only for it to be put in the wrong sack at the Distribution Centre and end up going in the completely opposite direction of York!!

Imagine the stress if I had not paid for the tracked service.

Xmas presents sent and no updates as to where my parcel could be.

Anyway, after 40 minutes on hold to get through to Royal Mail customer service, I spoke to a CS rep who confirmed the error had been noted and parcel now on route to Cornwall.

I think I only kept my calm on the phone due to the rep being very polite and understanding and, of course, it was not her fault my parcel had gone 400+ miles away from where it should have been.

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Someone sent me a parcel on Fri 04 Dec using their Tracked 48 service. I eventually received it on Sat 12 Dec. That’s really poor. If they have capacity issues that mean they can’t provide particular services at present, they should be up front with people rather than take their money knowing it’s unlikely they can deliver in the promised timeframe.


This is the service I used.

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True. I had a parcel collected yesterday using their new collection service. In the app there is a warning about delays, but no mention of length of delays.

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