How is the “You’re £x within your budget” calculated?

Something not overly important but niggling my brain.
A budget of £900 over 28 days is £32.14 a day. So for two days, wait for it… that’s £64.28.

So why does the figure say £97 within your budget, when it should be £170.70 - £64.28 = £106.42?




Um :man_shrugging:

Must be some mess up with the budgets for different categories.

Do you have any committed spending due to come out?

Nope. All goes out on the 2nd of the month

So a quick test

69.53-(200/29)*4 = £42 :white_check_mark:

Must be an iOS bug :man_shrugging:t4:

I think youve found a :bug:

67.59-(200/28)*2 = £53 :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Last working day of the month payday :bug: it would seem. As your previous one was :white_check_mark:

Bumping up the budget it’s more obvious

767.59-(900/28)*2 = £703 :negative_squared_cross_mark: £12 out.

1667.59-(1800/28)*2=£1539 :negative_squared_cross_mark: £21 out

I would love a budget that big!

“That’s what she said”

Yeh this never adds up for me when I look at it so I don’t look at it anymore. It doesn’t seem to be explained anywhere how it is calculated which just seems odd too

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Gosh. Thought I was the only one who couldn’t understand this. I ended up adjusting my total budget (just figures not real £) then received a more accurate forecast.

I switched mine off, it was doing my head in and its easier not seeing the mess it produces for me


I believe it works the other way round to how you guys are doing the maths. (I haven’t worked this out so let’s do it as I type). So to take the OPs example, he has spent 729.30 in 26 days. This is 28.05 a day. So this means it thinks he will continue to spend that much in the last two days. 170.30 - 56.10 is 114.30. damn. Something like this but you’ve spent something today so it’s not quite split evenly between the 26 days? Now its the morning can you do the maths again before you spend anything today?


Still £5 out or so today and I haven’t spent anything yet.

I flagged it up as a bug anyway!

Mine is basically suggesting I am going to spend £9 today.

I wonder what on! :thinking: :rofl:

One thing I wish it did was be a bit more aware.

I do my grocery shop/fuel pit stop on a Saturday and that’s probably £100. So if I have £80 left on a Friday then either me or my car is going to go hungry. But if I have £80 left on a Tuesday with payday Thursday, then based on my history, Monzo knows that I’m only likely to buy lunches before I get paid again.

So a day has passed, can you enlighten us on that £9 spend :joy: