How Fast Is Your Connection?

(Simon B) #21


I used to get significantly faster speeds than this… I’m not sure what’s changed tbh. I know I’m paying for 150 or something.

(Simon B) #22

Never mind! Speedtest appeared to be connected to the wrong server.


That’s a bit more like it :joy:


Virgin media 200mb speed for broadband.




(Richard) #26

Speed right now (logging in to my Amplifi), wee bit slower than normal, but the wife is working from home.

Usually hit around 100Mbps (virgin media, SH2 in modem mode connected to Amplifi HD actually improved my connection, used to be a lot slower before)

(Callaghn Moseley) #27


Largely happy with the service I get, but had a few issues creep up over the past few months.

Namely: occasionally very high ping, and (intermittent) complete loss of internet access. Going to have a rant to VM support once I check it’s nothing I’ve done.

(Simmy) #28

Sounds normal to me, parents have VM and the internet’s always going off.

(Jason Yau) #30

About 13-14 down and 0.5 up. Sucks!