How easy is it to claim my money once passed

Essentially I’m having surgery.
If all fails and something tragic happened: how hard is it for someone to claim my money from monzo?

They’ve presumably got a bereavement area that would deal accordingly. Hope you’re OK though - be positive.

Surgery’s are safer now.
Theirs more chance of something happening to you on your way to the hospital than the actual surgery it self!

I’ve had around 6 surgeries in my life! Sure they’re scary just have faith!

I feel like I won’t wake up or I’ll pass during it without even getting to say goodbye

Same as any other bank, I guess. Whoever is executing your estate sends the paperwork to Monzo and waits for the money to arrive. Have you made a will?

depends whether you have a will or not , even if you have a will its not die today pass on funds tomorrow , it takes time to sort out …

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Not sure if much has changed since this …

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Probate is taking at least 8 weeks presently. Move the money to a ‘joint’ account. No hassle.

Could also consider a funeral plan. Good value now and certainlyly will be in 40 years time. Not regulated of course - choose a ‘big name’ company.

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Assuming this is someone who relies on you financially like your partner - just pass them your account details.

Otherwise if it’s not urgent that they get your money straight away, they can go through the normal procedure.

I do not due to the fact I’ve always got told I’m too young

However if I pass and they’re withdrawing money wouldn’t they get into trouble?

It’s my parents.

No. They would speak to Monzo and explain that you’ve died. Then the account is closed and the money in moved (usually) to a new account while your estate is dealt with.

This is a sensitive subject for many people and having gone through it twice in the last 18 months, it’s not something I appreciate you trolling about, which I suspect you are, as that’s all you do.


I was actually thinking about what happens when I die blah blah the other day.

Now that I’ve got a mortgage an that. I’ve no will as yet but I’m not seeing that as much an issue right now as the only people who’d be around at the moment and my parents and brother.

Decided I’m just going to keep a printed document up to date with details on such as who mortgage is with, insurance, gas and electricity etc.

Maybe print a statement / policy off for each so that it’s all too hand. No one is having to try piece together then all the household stuff.


I’m being genuine

That’s a smart idea I might do similar

How much money are we talking here?

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more?

Just a couple of thousand including all the money I have

In that case they can just transfer it out in one easy transaction. No need to overcomplicate things and it wouldn’t cover the cost of a funeral either so personally I wouldn’t bother with talking to my parents.

All you’re going to do is scare them and cause them further stress and worry if you start talking about your death and surgery complications.