How do you deposit cash? [Feedback thread]

(Sean Le vegan) #63

As Monzo is doing a great job so far the lack of having an easy way of depositing cash into your account is not great.

PayPoint is more convenient way of depositing cash. Some PayPoint stores are open 24/7.

So would it not make sense to use PayPoint?

Secondly, as this is an option that that not everyone would use, maybe Monzo could use PockitUK’s platform and charge us 99p a month for the added benefit.

Any thoughts?

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #64

Hi @SeanLV,

I’ve moved your post here as Monzo have been gathering a bit of feedback on how people use cash deposits. It seems they are planning to get something working in the next few months through a third party.

I’m sure your feedback will be useful!

How this helps :slight_smile:

(Sean Le vegan) #65

Yes, I think this is a very fair way moving forward. Plus it’s another income stream for #Monzo. We can’t expect them to do all this great work for free.

(Sean Le vegan) #66
  1. How often do you deposit cash at the moment?

Maybe twice a month at the present time. It was already a faff. I had two Natwest branches close. So I would use my Lloyds account as they have a branch near me. I would then transfere the funds to my Natwest. I said it was a faff.

  1. Where do you tend to do your cash deposits?

Right now with my local Lloyds Branch. I am keen to close that account as the branch is earmarked for closure.

  1. What days do you usually deposit cash?

Monday to Saturday.

  1. At what times in the day do you deposit your cash?

When ever the branch is open.

  1. On average, how much do you deposit in each go?

It depends how much cash I have at that time.

  1. Why do you tend to need to make cash deposits?

I have always been able to deposit cash and it’s never been an issue.

A few friends of mine have resorted to Cash Plus and Pokit. I have never liked the apps so never signed up. The Pokit account allows PayPoint and Cash Plus is the Post Office for Cash deposits. I am not too fussed what solution is there. However, just to say that the Post Office may be the better solution.