How do you choose an android phone?

Hi everyone,

As the title suggests how do you choose your Android phone?

I’m an iPhone user, actually I’m the typical Apple Sheep with watch, iPad, MacBook etc

I have recently been looking again in to getting an Android phone instead of my default choice the 12 Pro Max.

I have very nearly a few times gone for a Z Fold 2 but I can’t quite pull the trigger and whilst comparing a lot of different phones at various price points it seems there is always a compromise. I’m not saying apple is perfect but you usually get a fairly well round set of features.

For example with Android you seems you can have a great camera but a mid range cpu (Pixel 5) or a fast cpu and a mid range camera (OnePlus) and most Samsungs seem to come with their own CPU in the UK which is less favourable to the Snapdragon.

Are most people just picking a band and sticking with it?

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Won’t you inhibit your watch if you ditch an iPhone?

I have an iPhone, and have to use a Samsung for work, and on every metric I care to think of the Apple outperforms.


Only magazine reviewers bother about specs to that detail. You’re not running AAA games on it… any phone out there will perform excellently. It’s a matter of whether specific features (and price) suit you.

Same with cameras… magazine people take a lot of photos so they always highlight it, but look at your own usage… if you’re into that then it’s important. If you mainly post to facebook or take pictures of your dog any current phone will do.

Personally I stick with Pixel (and Nexus before that) because timely updates and nobody mucking around with the OS, because those are most important to me.


I’d probably look at longevity and which has the cleanest version of Android.

So ignore anything from Samsung.

What features are important to you and what is your budget?

That’s how most decide what phone to buy.

All phones make compromises, including Apple - is just with Android you have more choice over what those are.

I tend to look at what are the best Android phones at the time. I’ve definitely had quite a few Samsung phones, previously used HTC’s and currently have an Huawei, although given the subsequent issues with Play store access wouldn’t get another from them.

I’ve been on Samsung devices for the last 2 years and i’m not happy with the updates really, despite being a 5G phone (note 20 ultra) I can’t get 5G with 2 lines installed!! I’m still on the September security patch to boot.

I’m in the opposite boat, I am moving back to the iPhone with the 12 pro max

I specifically chose my Pixel 4a as even though its quite underpowered, it lasts me a day or 2 and supports GrapheneOS. I dislike Google, (the irony). But GOS has verified boot and locked bootloader whilst sideloaded :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never had iPhone as was never impressed with it tbh :zipper_mouth_face:

My first Android device was Samsung Galaxy Note II and I loved it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now have Honor 10 for over 2 years (also Android) :star_struck:

Didn’t know this company until notice offer on O2 :nerd_face:
Looks like Honor is Huawei sister company, but cheaper. Still, production technicals are very impressive, at least for me :tractor: